Top Ten Settings I’d Like To See More Of

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Julie’s Top Ten Settings I’d Like To See More Of
Oh, I like this TTT subject.  Settings kind of get the shaft, don’t they?  I mean, it’s almost always about the characters or the plot or the cover, or the romance.  Almost never the settings.  But I love settings and I actually do have some favorites.   
Here we go:
10.  Deserts – There’s just something hot and sweaty about stories told in the desert.  It’s a whole different world.  For some reason, maybe because of my wild youthful days, the desert is sexy.  Plus, Vegas is in the desert.  Enough said.
9.  Underwater – I admit I have not yet jumped on board with the whole mermaid craze, but I want to.  Definitely want to.  It’s like the opposite of desert, right?  In the desert you’re so hot you just need anything to cool off.  But underwater it’s always cool and everything’s sorta floaty.  Floaty hair is very sexy.
8.  Boats – OK, romance on boats – or romance with anything in the water, is just all around cool. I think it’s the motion.
7.  Trains – Ditto for trains – that clickety-clack noise is comforting.  You don’t see many books set on trains beyond murder mysteries.  I wonder why?
6.  Alien Planets – I’m a SF junkie, so I love alien planets.  Especially if the author gets creative, but not stupid, with the alien life. 
5.  Spaceships – Now a spaceship is a special place because you’re stuck there, right?  There’s no getting away from anything on a spaceship.  You can’t even take a dive into the ocean like you could a boat.  So any time a book is set in a spaceship you know the characters have nowhere to run to, they have to stop and deal.
4.  Antarctica – I have a very strange obsession with the Arctic and Antarctica.  It’s almost like the spaceship scenario, right?  You’re stuck there, it’s all dangerous to go outside – like you’re gonna slip through a glacier fissure if you step wrong or maybe your eyes will freeze closed.  Whatever – I like it.  All those furry coats and gloves and you know, you gotta keep warm somehow.
3.  Alaska – Almost redundant, but not quite.  Alaska has wild animals, Antarctica has what?  Whales and some penguins if you’re lucky.  Alaska also has trees and rivers and that whole salmon spawning season, and lots of men with beards.  I’m not sure about the beards, but outdoorsy guys are fun.  Also – the whole month of complete darkness is ripe for horror, am I right? (30 Days of Night, anyone????)
2.  Mountains – Yes, I’m biased because I live in Colorado.  I write about Colorado too, I can’t help it.  Colorado rocks.  It’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  I love anything set in the Rockies and if those Rockies happen to be in Colorado, I’m in even more love with the setting.
1.  And dun dun dun…the number one setting I’d like to see more of is…Mars.  No – it’s not the same as an alien planet because we know there are no aliens there. It would just be Earth people relocating to Mars. Mars is cool because how much you wanna bet there’s crap buried under the soil?  Maybe they have mermaids underneath Mars? I might write that book actually. 
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  1. Kamla L.

    Thoroughly entertaining post! Love your top ten picks and amazing pictures too. Those images could certainly inspire some intriguing concepts for novels.

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