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Altered Carbon is the first book in my favorite series with the uber psycho futuristic soldier Takeshi Kovacs – so if RKM ever asked me to tour Altered Carbon, I’d make a banner like this for him.  I wonder if he’d like it?

Maybe I’m alone in this but I absolutely love book banners. I think they are the best part of the blog tour. I love banners period, I think. There’s just something cool about having your book on a banner that matches your cover, but it just a little bit different. 

When I decided to start a book blog I had already written three books and I was looking to tour them on book blogs. One year ago I had never even heard of a book blog. Seriously. But the more I looked at these really cool book banners for tours on these blogs, the more interested in book blogging I became. And that’s pretty much why I started this blog. Pretty book banners. I wanted some to show some off but I needed a blog to do that – so presto – New Adult Addiction was born because I love book banners.

When Clutch first came out last year I toured it through Supagurl Tours and she made me this kick-ass banner. 

I’m pretty handy with the Photoshop so I typically make my own banners and stuff, but sometimes it’s nice to get someone else’s perspective on your cover art, so I wanted Heather to make my banner for the Clutch tour. I think she did a really good job because she took the cover, zoomed up on one portion, and then changed the whole feel of it just by manipulating the typography in a different way. This creates a banner that perfectly complements your cover but gives it a fresh perspective.

Giselle at Xpresso Tours is like the master of book banners. I swear, one of the best things about signing up for her tours is being able to display the banner she makes. I’ve gotten a few in recently that are just stunning, especially this one for The Crimson Hunt by Victoria H. Smith.

The purpose of a book banner is to get you thinking about the book. These often go out ahead of the tour and most book blasts and cover reveals don’t get a banner. Sometimes I’ll make a banner for a cover reveal so the first image on my post isn’t the cover – that way if you’re cruising through your Blogger reading list on your dashboard you see the banner first.

You might think that the graphics are the most important part of the book banner, but in my opinion, the text is the most important thing. It’s very important to get the text right because the book banner contains information that people need. I think this banner below is an excellent example of text done right. I actually love everything about this banner.

 photo recalled540_zpsa5ca940b.jpg

This banner for Recalled by Cambira Hebert works because the text is the focal point – you’re not supposed to see the whole cover – that’s the purpose of a cover. Some banners have a book cover on them and just a plain background with text on one side and the book on the other but I’ve never understood the reasoning behind this. You already have a book cover – your banner should hint at the cover artwork or style and then give the information needed in a unique way. At least that’s how I see it. I think this is what makes a great book banner in contrast to one that is just average.

I have two books coming out in April – Range and The Magpie Bridge (books 4 and 4.5 in the I Am Just Junco series) but I’m having a cover reveal on March 1, so I don’t want to give away too much of the covers before that – otherwise the purpose of a reveal is lost. So this is the banner I made for The Magpie Bridge. You can see there’s a bird on the cover. That makes sense because it’s got magpie in the title. But beyond that you really see nothing else of the cover beyond the typography.

 photo magpie_banner_zps3a856882.jpg

This is what I like to see in a book banner and so that’s how I make mine. I love the banners that Heather over at Supagurl Tours and Giselle over at Xpresso Tours make because they tend to stress the typography and use the images to accent the whole look and feel of the thing.

How about you? Is this the dumbest topic for a slow Monday ever? I actually thought I had a book blast today but the email said to post it Wednesday, so today was vacant and I came up with this post about my closet book banner obsession.  :)

Since we’re talking about book banners…

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AND BTW – this girl is not on the cover of Range.  This is just a promo graphic.  The actual cover looks NOTHING like this image.

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    • J. Anne Huss

      I signed up for The Crimson Hunt because I couldn’t stop looking at the banner! :) I missed Cambria’s sign-up, otherwise I’d be on that tour too.

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