REVIEW: Frigid by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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Hello everyone! Kelly here. Wait? Who? Oh yes, let me introduce myself. I’m Kelly and Julie has kindly agreed to let me invaded New Adult Addiction as a Co-Blogger.

I’m all kinds of excited. Really, if you could see me, you’d see pure, purple, sparkly excitement pouring out my ears.

Sparkliness aside, today I have for you a review of Frigid by J. Lynn/Jennifer L. Armentrout. (Source:Purchased)

I know you all don’t know me very well yet, but I love JLA. Like, I’d have her alien babies sort of love JLA. So maybe I went into this book with slightly above average expectations. But I was sort of disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong. Frigid is good, but that’s just it. It’s good. I’m sorry, but from JLA, I expect greatness.

What I liked:

Kyler. I really, really liked Kyler. Sure, he’s got some man-whore issues, but mostly he’s a good guy. He holds Sydney to unreasonably high expectations (sort of like mmine for JLA?) which creates all sorts of problems between them, but when it comes right down to it, he’s there for her and he has been since they were kids. Kyler is protective, and sweet, and knows just how sexy he is.

The plot was also good, though a bit contrived with the snowstorm, I could look past it because I really liked the way this wasn’t a simple yo-yo of boy meets girl, girl leaves boy, girl and boy have makeup sex. There was a pretty significant and mysterious plot and although the who-done-it aspect was quite transparent and I never had a doubt who was behind it, it added another layer of tension that I enjoyed.

Frigid is also quite funny at times, and this is a trademark of JLA’s character. She writes witty, funny characters, who are as entertaining as they are sexy, and this book is no different in that regard.

What I didn’t like:

Sydney. She’s so freaking stupid, I wanted to smack her. This isn’t an entirely new thing for JLA’s heroines, but where in the Lux series I don’t love Katy, and I sometimes hate the things she does toward Daemon, I liked Syndey way less. She’s whiny, and oblivious and if she would pull her head out of her ass and grow up the book would have been about four pages long. So then we would have had way less Kyler, so maybe it’s good that she’s dense, but still. It got irritating. For a girl going to school to be a psychologist, she has a serious handicap when it comes to understanding what people are trying to say. Someone will tell her they feel a little sad and she’ll be sure they just threatened to jump off a bridge. Seriously, she drove me bonkers.

The editing in this book was acceptable, but I did find six or seven typos, and while that isn’t excessive and I do realize this is a small press book, I was a bit surprised by it. Mistakes happen, and I get that, but this felt more like an ARC than a finished product.

In summary:

Would I recommend it? You bet I would. Despite a whiny heroine, and a few editing snafus, reading any JLA book is a pleasure, and is absolutely worth the time spent reading it.


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  1. Bookworm Brandee

    I love your review, Kelly! And welcome to Julie’s blog. :) I’m glad that Kyler made it all good for Frigid. I know I’ll be picking it up as soon as I can.

  2. Robin Crane

    I totally agree with you about this one! She’s written so many awesome books, my favorite being Stay a With Me, and while this one was good, it definitely wasn’t her best.

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