October 3, 2013 Tour Promo 27

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See – this is what I mean. I’m totally late with this blog post today because I don’t actually enjoy blogging when I have to write original shit. Uggg.. I’d rather write reviews and post blitzes… and that’s pretty much what this post is about.
High traffic posts.
Some posts are worth the effort. Believe it or not, my Friday Night Freebie posts actually take a couple hours to put up. Add in the fact that I pay for all the prizes, make original promo graphics, and sometimes even review the book – and that one post is quite tedious and time consuming.
But that time is well spent because I get a lot of hits for it. Even on a slow weekend, I get more than a thousand hits for a Friday Night Freebie post. Why? I’m not sure, really. Seriously, these giveaways are not that big sometimes. Sometimes they are – I give away signed paperbacks every now and then if the author contributes, those are always popular. But other than that, I’m not sure why Friday Night Freebies get so much attention other than it’s a giveaway.
Giveaways are hands down, after big hops put on by I Am A Reader (and I’m totally making my blog less steamy so I can hop with her next month, because I’m going through some hopping withdrawals), what gets you the most page views and attention.
And in a giveaway the things that really get a lot of participants are of course, Kindle and iPads, but also creative stuff like jewelry (I give that away a lot) and other small things that have meaning in the book. Like one recently that comes to mind is the art supplies in the Escape From Eden Giveaway… people like to get “stuff”. It’s sorta special.
One thing that really surprised me was that regular reviews that are not attached to a giveaway or a tour, really don’t get a lot of hits. At least for me. Some of you probably get a lot of hits for your non-tour reviews because people just like to hear what you have to say about the books.
Like I read Pinkindle’s reviews all the time – mostly because she’s tough to please and I always want to see what she gives people, and also because she reads like ten books a day. So I have a lot of choices. :) And I’m on her email list – she’s one of the few blog emails I actually open on a consistent basis, most of the time I only read headlines.
But I’m not sure people really give a shit what I think about a book. Plus, I’m an author so I do NOT give out bad reviews. I won’t lie, but if you’re looking for one or two stars and such, you won’t find them here. So maybe people don’t trust my reviews. It’s not that I like every book, it’s just that it’s not cool of an author to post a bad review of another author. So I just won’t post a review if I hate their book. I actually have better things to do than write bad reviews. Like write my own books.
But bad reviews are necessary, believe me, there are plenty of time when I want to write a bad a review, but I control my urges. 😉 For every one star I give out I’m sure I’ll get ten in return.
So my reviews that are not attached to a tour, do not get me a lot of hits. But I still write them because if I’m writing a review not attached to a tour – like ROCK CHICK – which I fucking loved – it means I fucking loved it and I want to tell everyone just how much I loved it. And in the case of Rock Chick, holy mother – I do not remember ever laughing so hard in a book, like ever. :) You should totally pick it up (and it’s not new adult).
And now that I understand how the whole book blogging thing works, I realize that if I want people to pay attention to a post I gotta have a giveaway attached to it. And not just an e-copy of a book that I’m supposed to run. I NEVER do individual giveaways on tours and blitzes because I just don’t have time to deal with keeping track of all that stuff. It’s gotta be a gift card (even if it’s only $5 or $10) or something creative like I mentioned above.
So I’ve almost completely stopped doing blitzes with no giveaway and that’s why I don’t do a lot of cover reveals any more either. In my author blog post about publishing today (which I have not even written yet) I’m gonna talk about the other side of this to authors. If you’re gonna promo your book, for Pete’s sake, put up a freaking $5 gift card and ask that the readers leave a flipping comment to enter. Even for a cover reveal. If you’re gonna go through all that shit to set this cover reveal up, make sure people actually look at it.
And I never thought much about that “leave a comment” option in the RC, but I hate it when my posts get no comments. Hate it. And let’s just face the facts, unless you’re Giselle or Cover Snark Chick snarking on covers, most people are not inclined to leave comments. They need to be persuaded.

bannerjumpThis Jump Zone blitz was a pretty big success from my point of view. It got a lot of hits and comments because of the giveaway.

I’m gonna add that in to my author post today as well. In fact, if there’s anything you’d like me to tell the authors about tour posts, you just shout it out down below. I’ll sneak it in tomorrow.
OK, I’m totally rambling so I’m outta here. Tomorrow is my last blog post about blogging and it’s about reviews. More than what I said today… like how to write a review and what authors want, what readers want. Because this topic gets talked about A LOT in private author groups. So let’s just get it out in the open.
Don’t forget to enter the massive signed paperback giveaway and I have a new giveaway today because I got a free $20 gift card from a company who will not be named because they cheated me, but they did send me this $20 GC, and I’m giving it away so I don’t feel dirty for interacting with them in the first place. Anyway – this is that giveaway – I attached the card to Chrystalla Thoma’s review just because I made her Rafflecopter as a favor (She’s sorta clueless (don’t tell her I said that) at this swanky book promo stuff and I know her from Kindle Boards, so I took pity) and I could stick it in easily.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. Diana Doan

    I would love to see more of angels — good angels, fallen angels…hot angels <3

  2. Angie F.

    Thanks for the shout out! I definitely appreciate it! 😀

    It’s sad but true, but yeah, I’m more likely to comment on a post that has some kind of giveaway attached. It’s a nice incentive, and I’m always at a loss of what to say. I’m a fan of answering a random question in the comment, like you often have!

    I find it really odd that reviews in general don’t seem to get a lot of views or comments, since that’s basically what all of us do: write reviews! Although sometimes it is hard to find something other than “great review” or “I loved this book, too!” to say.
    Angie F. recently posted…Review: Ward Against Death (Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer, #1) by Melanie CardMy Profile

  3. felicia sidoma

    As to what more para i would like to see is Watch & Warlocks. You really don’t see much of them or a least I have not see myself but I just started reading that genre. I had just read a few but did not really follow.

  4. Christine

    I’ve really been looking forward to reading Betwixt since I first read its description :)

  5. Sierra A McBride

    I completely agree with this post ! Love it.
    I can see how you can get annoyed or whatever by time spent but not getting recognition. Sounds to me like a damn pain.
    I do really LOVE your blog though. The layout, your reviews, giveaways.

  6. Rach

    I have just ordered the final book in the Starcrossed series by Josephine Angelini Cannot wait to get back to that series :)

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