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YAY!  It’s V-day.    This weekend I have a cool prize pack for you  My friend Rich Walls is one of the very few, maybe the ONLY, guy I know who writes new adult love stories.  And he’s putting up a paperback of his book, ONE PAGE LOVE STORY – plus he’s throwing in some chocolates as well!  What a cool dude, eh!  Love him. I have a signed copy of this book in front of me and it is just so sweet.  This is the perfect book to read at lunch, or on a plane (he has a book about meeting a girl on  plane called Standby Chicago)
IN ADDITION to the signed paperback from Rich, I’m gonna put up two ebooks – Unmaking Marchant, a brand new release from Ella James, AND, because I just stayed up all freaking night to read this book two days ago, Sex, Love, Repeat – by Alessandra Torre.  I haven’t read Marchant yet, but Sex, Love Repeat was terrific.  Just loved it.  I loved all three characters (this is a love triangle, but it’s not a love triangle like any I’ve ever read before. Just loved the characters.) And it was the perfect ending for me. 


Up for GRABS


One Page Love Story

310Unmaking Marchant by Ella James_ebooksm

Unmaking Marchant


Sex, Love, Repeat

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45 Responses to “FRIDAY NIGHT FREEBIE: A Love Story Prize Pack”

  1. Brittany Pritchard

    Thank you for the chance!
    My best V-Day present was a mother/daughter trip to the beach. :)

  2. Shelly Ford

    Hmm..last year was the best Vday! It consisted of a few amazon gift cards so I could 1-click til my heart was content!lol Thanks so much for the giveaway!!!

  3. Lauren

    My husband made me a giant card out of wood, spray paint and hinges… He put it in the yard with a spot light on it. I cried!!
    Happy Valentines Day

  4. Artavie

    I wasn’t feeling well and my boyfriend at the time bought dinner in a styro foam container. He tried to keep it warm in the oven and the container melted . He was so upset It was such a nice thought . We had cup of soup which just a good.

  5. Debra D

    Nothing, I don;t let my husband buy anything for Valentine’s day….silly holiday! When I want something nice he lets me get it whenever I want, we don’t wait for a special day in February!

  6. desiree

    the best i gott is the necklace i have on coupleof yeaers now and then the 7 years toghter so far

  7. Tammy Choate

    I got flowers from my father it may not be special but it was to me he sent them to me on my new job on Valentine’s Day stating how proud and happy he was for me though he preferred me to stay at home being a full time mommy to my daughter at the time. :)

  8. Jennifer Jones

    I got a diamond ring for Valentines and I treasure it best gift ever!!Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  9. Adrienne Samson

    The guy I have is my best present, we dont buy each other things we show our love in other ways.

  10. Shelly S.

    Best Valentine’s Day present? We don’t usually do V-day because my birthday is two days later and I’ve always said that I’d rather have a big deal made out of MY day than this one. Still, he somehow always manages to make it special. Today I got flowers. But my favorite might be the time he showed up at work with a bottle of diet Mountain Dew and a brownie. I’m pretty easy to please. :)

  11. Veronica

    my 7 year old made me a paper heart bracelet and a card saying how much he loved me. Best V-Day ever

  12. Raeline Peterson

    My best would be when i was about 16 and i got a gold bracelet and a heart charm ,it was so cute and i still have it to this day.

  13. Tiffany

    The hubs and I don’t do Valentine’s, but my 10 year old wrote me the cutest letter this year!

  14. Julie Cole

    My best valentines gift was from my son & daughter 23 yrs ago. I was feeling down after filing for divorce 12 days before Valentine’s Day. They bought me red roses and chocolates with their piggy bank money. They were 7 & 4 yrs old at the time. They talked their aunt into helping them and keeping their secret.

  15. Kim Holliday

    Several years ago I was dating a guy that put an all day Valentine’s Day effort in. Out of town trip, chocolate covered strawberries, out to a very nice dinner, jewelry..DAMN..why’d I run him off again? Oh YEAH! Cuz he was a psycho the other 364 days a year!!!

  16. erinf1

    haven’t really gotten any “big” gifts… but I still have high hopes 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  17. Kim

    This year I got a beautiful ring, roses and candy. Awesome husband!
    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

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