FRIDAY NIGHT FREEBIE: Cleveland Author Event Book of Choice

April 25, 2014 Friday Night Freebie, Giveaways 51

FRIDAY NIGHT FREEBIE: Cleveland Author Event Book of Choice

Genres: Adult, Adult Suspense, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Romance, Romantic Suspense
I’m out of town this weekend at the CLEVELAND AUTHOR EVENT so I’m gonna do a special FRIDAY NIGHT FREEBIE and let you choose ANY TWO BOOKS from the list of authors at the Cleveland Signing. There’s like 60 authors, so I’m sure everyone will find something they want to read on the list.



Michelle Valentine
Gail McHugh
J.S. Cooper
Amanda Stone
Kelsie Leverich
K.A. Robinson
Tara Sivec
Tasha Ivey
Jennifer Foor
Jen Sivec
Alice Montalvo Tribue
K Bromberg
Lexi Ryan
Jasinda Wilder
Liliana Hart
Katie Ashley
Brooke Cumberland
Heidi McLaughlin
K Pinson
Melissa Brown
Beth Ehemenn
Stacey Bentley
Magan Vernon
Lynetta Halat
A.L. Jackson
Aleatha Romig
Mel Bellew
Adriane Leigh
Sandi Lynn
S Moose
Renee Carlino
Hadley Quinn
Penny Reid
Kate Roth
JA Huss
Lisa Harley
Carey Heywood
Hilary Storm
Kimberly Stedronsky
F.L. Jacob
Abi Ketner And Miss Kalicicki
Beth Michele
A.J. Warner
Sadie Grubor
Rebecca Shea
Laurelin Paige
Erika Ashby
Skye Turner
Kemmie Michaels
Mis Sheridan
Lena Nicole
Cheryl McIntyre
Tessa Teevan
Rochelle Paige
Chelle Bliss
Christina Lee
Dawn Pendleton
T.H. Snyder

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51 Responses to “FRIDAY NIGHT FREEBIE: Cleveland Author Event Book of Choice”

  1. Merelyn Reads

    There are to many. S. Moose, Kendall Grey, Laurelin Paige, pretty much everyone on the list lol

  2. Alexandra Cruz

    I cant just choose one… such amazing authors, that write incredible stories … Gail McHugh, Tara Sivec, K Bromberg, Jasinda Wilder, Aleatha Romig, JA Huss, Mia Sheridan,

  3. Ashleigh Hazelwood Gross

    I love Mia Sheridans books! Jasinda Wilder Tara Sivec. all of them! lol

  4. Melanie Tracey

    There are to many awesome authors to choose from! You and Aleatha Romig, Tara Sivec, Jasinda Wilder, Michelle Valentine, Gail McHugh, Jenn Foor, K. Bromberg…just to name a few

  5. Dawn Ruchel

    Jasinda Wilder love the Big Girls do it Better series and Aleatha Romig huge Tony fan.

  6. Shelly S.

    There are so many that are on my “dying to read” list that I haven’t actually read yet. So — my favorites of the ones I’ve actually read are: Jasinda Wilder, Michelle Valentine, and you. :)

  7. Carmen

    Too many to narrow down to just 2 but I really want a signed copy of Guns by JA Huss, Crashed by K Bromberg and Strings by Kendall Grey oooops that’s 3

  8. Donna Reynolds

    Thank you so much for doing the Friday night giveaways every week as well as everything else you do I really appreciate it, I would say Michelle A. Valentine, and Gail McHugh.

  9. Seth Sinclair

    I really LOVE Beth Ehemann! Cranberry Inn series is the best series EVER!

  10. Mary Bilowus

    There are so many great authors on this list. I can’t pick a favourite.

  11. Kim

    I can’t pick just one from that list…LOL There’s just no way. Such wonderful authors…so I’ll name a few. :) Aleatha Romig,JA Huss,Brooke Cumberland, Jasinda Wilder, & Tara Sivec,

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