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Red & Wolfe

Series: Red & Wolfe

Genres: Adult, Adult Suspense, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Romance
"An incredibly steamy take on Little Red Riding Hood with a naughtier and filthier big, bad Wolfe!" - The Rockstars of Romance

"There are times when you just need to sink your teeth into something that's hot, keeps you entertained, piques your interest and leaves you begging for more. Well, the Red & Wolfe Series provided exactly that, and we loved it!" - Totally Booked Blog

"I never know what to expect, and Ms. James keeps shocking me!" - Bookworm Brandee

"Reading this is like being a three-year-old at the circus. There are just so many great things happening at once, you don't know where to look first!" - WTF Are You Reading?
When Sarah "Red" Ryder loses her job as an art critic for a Boston newspaper, she's brokenhearted. Worse than that? She's broke. Her boyfriend recently left her, so she's stuck paying her hefty apartment rent alone. After two months unemployed, there's no money left. With no immediate family to turn to, Red reaches out to her estranged grandmother, a reclusive writer living on an island off the coast of Charleston. Several days later, Red receives $30,000 and an invitation to visit.
James Wolfe is not Red's grandmother - but he's the only person waiting for her at the boat dock. Red has something he needs. He won't take "no" for an answer, and he doesn't mind screwing her over to get it. He lost his conscience six years ago, when he went off the grid. Since then, life is about him - and the renowned oil paintings he does under the mysterious pseudonym "W."
Until the moment he sees her. Then Red is all he wants. And Wolfe will have her - thoroughly.
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Ella James is a really good friend of mine. We’re in two author groups together, we share the same agent, and we both have the same Amazon rep!  She’s my publishing twinsie! Plus, we both live near Denver. Needless to say, when she’s rocking the erotica charts with her Red & Wolfe series and says – Hey, I have prizes for you – would you like them for the FNF?! Naturally, I say – Hell the fuck yes!
So here we are!  Ella’s prize pack is HUGE:
Complete set of Love Inc. eBooks which includes:
Selling Scarlet
Taming Cross
Unmaking Marchant
Complete set of Red & Wolfe eBooks, which includes:
Red & Wolfe 1
Red & Wolfe 2
Red & Wolfe 3
Red & Wolfe 4
A Love Inc T-shirt and bracelet
An ARC (yes!) of her next novella BEAST!
PLUS – a signed copy of Red & Wolfe!
OK, you know what to do!  Show my girl some love and pass this shit around!

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67 Responses to “FRIDAY NIGHT FREEBIE: MEGA Prize Pack from ELLA JAMES”

  1. Keely Snyder

    I dont think I like the fairytale reeling….. but maybe indoors just dependa upon my mood & whats going on at the stop in my life.

  2. KellyMae

    I have only read one, so not enough to make a determination. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Tara

    I haven’t read one yet, but have Red and Wolfe on my TBR and am really looking forward to it.

  4. Jen B.

    I love fairytale retellings! It’s like reliving a little bit of childhood…with an adult twist 😉

  5. Jules

    I have read other fairy tale retellings and liked some of the them, but I really like this retelling of Little Red Riding Hood!

  6. Shannon

    I’ve not read this series yet, would love to! I’d like a change of pace, and give these a whirl!! THANK YOU :)

  7. Carmen

    Not sure if I have ever read a fairytale retelling book before but I love the hell out of Red & Wolfe!

  8. Stacy

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a fairy tale retelling, but I would probably love them.

  9. Lisa Miller

    Yes I do believe in Fairytale rellings, and I loved this one and can’t wait for Beast.

  10. Artemis

    I love fairytale retellings!I enjoy the original stories, especially if I’m reading a classic fairytale I’ve not read before, but also love a modern retelling with differences within the story and possibly a different ending.

  11. erinf1

    I’m just getting ready to read the first Red installment :) Thanks for sharing! I do enjoy fairy tale “retellings”

  12. Lisa Vazquezanzua

    I do like retellings. There has been quite a few lately and I love that authors are writing about something different. There are quite a few stories to retell and there is so much the authors can do with these stories. And I love reading them to see how it all turns out.

  13. Jessica Williams

    I’ve liked them ever since I read The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty years ago.

  14. Shelly Ford

    This is my first retelling I do believe. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks so much for the giveaway!!!

  15. Trisha Hudson (@TrishaHudson)

    I didn’t know if I would but I am really enjoying Red and Wolfe

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