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New Adult Addiction

Genres: Dystopia, Erotic Romance, Male Models, Science Fiction
New Adult Addiction has been live for two years! I can hardly believe it. I have never been a blogger. And I think I said this last year, but when I started this blog I really had no hope of it ever becoming anything. I figured I’d give book blogging a try and it would get boring after a month. But no, that’s not what happened. I have no idea why this blog took off, I suspect it was because new adult was exploding onto the scene at the very moment I put it up, but I’m seriously glad I did.

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So I just did my two year indie author anniversary post on Facebook as well. I started this blog right about the same time as I published my first book. And I guess it’s possible that the two together created some sort of synergy, but I don’t think so. I think people are not all that interested in me personally here on the blog. They like the giveaways mostly. Those posts get the most interaction. And of course, the Friday Night Freebie. That meme has been going on for over a year now and holy shit! It’s just amazing how big it’s gotten. Getting signed books for the blog when I go to signings is fun.
I’ve made a lot of changes this year. First of all, I rarely do reviews anymore. I have read sooooo much romance in the past three years as “research” and as a blogger, that I just got a little tired of it. I really prefer science fiction and dystopians. So I will occasionally pick up those. I have a few romances coming up, but not many.

Kristi and Flat Rade at Penned!

So, since I stopped doing that I brought in another blogger. Kristi! She’s actually a member of my street team and she’s an admin on my Shrike Bikes FB group. I also just named a character after her in my Social media series. Because she’s fabulous. She does reviews and stuff on here when she has time. She was at Penned Con with me a couple weeks ago and we had a blast.

Kristi taking pics of Leah’s boobies to bribe Michelle’s husband into something we cannot talk about… but… he did deliver!

I also added in Amber and Leah to run the Facebook page. They are also members of my street team. If you’re an author and you want a review, don’t contact me. I don’t even open those emails. Just message that Facebook page and if they are interested, they will get back to you. One thing that Leah and Amber have done this year on the FB page is the Hump Day Hottie. They started this feature with my models, Robert Reider and Rade Lazic, but things quickly escalated! They even got Alessandra Torre to be the Hump Day Hottie one week! Alessandra is a cover model of a few of her books. Besides that. She is one hell of a writer. I DO read her romances. They are original and hot.

Alessandra as the Hump Day Hottie

It was my job to post the Hump Day Hottie on the blog every Wednesday, but yeah. I can barely make time for the FNF these days, so you can only find it on the FB page now. We do a $10 gift card giveaway with each one, so if you remember, stop by on Wednesdays and enter. They do them almost every week.
I don’t make any money AT ALL off this blog. Not one penny. I don’t take advertising. I don’t even have affiliate links because I live in Colorado and we can’t be Amazon Associates because my state government is filled with assholes who tried to sue the Zon for state taxes. They lost, but Amazon has a long memory. So no affiliate links for us.
I keep this blog because I love it. :) Even though I don’t have a lot of time to mess with it, I love it. I love the Friday Night Freebie. I love making up the RC questions so you guys can comment. I love reading your comments. I actually spend a couple thousand dollars on this site each year. I get emails from my servers all the time about taking up too many resources. I have a semi-dedicated VPS, but I just had to upgrade because I get so many spam hits.
But I don’t care. The spam is not that annoying. My CAPTCHA works pretty well. I like spending the money on books and prizes. I need tax write offs and all of this is business related. So you know, this is a pretty cool way to spend a few thousand dollars each year. :)
I hope I can improve things over the next twelve months. I’d like to start having more articles and not just giveaways and cover reveals and stuff.
And I can always use a hand. So if any of you are tired of blogging alone and would like to join this team, please message me using my contact form. You don’t have to be a fan of my books or on my street team to be a part of this blog, you just have to want to contribute.
So thanks for dropping by every week. Last year I did stats, and since I know I loved to see those when I was blogging more and paying attention, I will leave you a snapshot of this year’s as well. I changed to WordPress in August 2013, so this is the months to date.

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  1. Kristy Petree

    Well, that’s like trying to pick my favorite cat …or my favorite pair of shoes! I’d like to see any of J.A.’s books, of course!

    If I’m supposed to choose another author, I’d go with something from Kylie Scott, Joanna Wylde, or Kristen Ashley, since I haven’t managed to read ANY of their books yet.

    Also a Love in English and Love in Spanish (coming out soon) combo from Karina Halle would be awesome. Hell, I’d love to just win Love, in English.

    I’m clearly pretty appreciative of just about anything! Thanks! :) :)

  2. Sarah

    Happy 2nd year anniversary!!! I love a good signed book that’s my favorite type of giveaway! Any of JA Huss’s books, Tiffany Reisz, Pam Godwin, Gemma James, Joey W. Hill, Tarryn Fisher I’d be happy w/just one of those! Thanks again for the awesome giveaway. I’m currently reading Block, the Social Media series is great!!

  3. Melissa Jones

    Happy Blogiversary!!! Any book by JA Huss, Alessandra Torre, Pam Godwin. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Stacie

    I would like to see a book from the Gabriel Series by Sylvain Reynard, One of the books from the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day,or One of the books from the Blackstone Affair by Raine Miller featured in a giveaway. Thanks!!

  5. KellyMae

    Your giveaways are amazing, thank you very much for them and for the great books you write! I would love any of yours, of course. Other books by Nicole Edwards, Pepper Winters, Aleatha Romig, Colleen Hoover, R K Lilley and there’s many more. Thanks!

  6. Tracy Lynn

    I would love to have one of the Captive in the Dark Series books by CJ Roberts! I would love anything by JA Huss! I’ve read all those so would really love to see something new that I’ve never read though too!!

  7. Michelle Thomas

    Couldn’t even begin to pick just one. I love all things books and have a special shelf for autographed books that I’ll never part with. Love the blog and thanks for the Friday Night Freebie chances.

  8. Tammy Choate

    I still want signed copies from you of course JA Huss but I also really want one of Mia Sheridan’s Archer’s Voice! And Ella James The Beast Series!

  9. Staci Pope

    Happy 2 year anniversary. This series I’m sure will be epic and I can not wait to read it.

    The book I’d like to see on Friday Night Freebies is Deacon by Kristen Ashley.

  10. Lori Moore

    I always love having the chance to win any of your books. There are so many authors I love so any you choose would be great.

  11. Artemis

    LOVE books and I would be happy with any book. Definitely your books , especially TAUT which is my favorite of yours.

  12. Alyssa Williams

    Not picky here! I love any books. Specifics… Melody Anne, Karen Swart, Ruth Cardello, and Sawyer Bennett are a few that jump started my reading life and always love reading still.

  13. Christy Carter

    There are so many great books out there that it would be hard to chose which one book I would enjoy more. Anything by Jamie Roberts maybe, Addison Kline, H.M. Ward, Sylvia Day. LOL

  14. Stacy

    I’d love to see something signed by a dead author given away for the FNF, but if you can’t resurrect someone, maybe one of Christina Lauren’s books.

  15. H Maire

    Since I only have 3 signed books in my “collection”…..but a lot of signatures on my Kindle cover thanks to my time at PennedCon…anything would be great. Thanks for the chance to win these…..I’m loving the Social Media Series. #CantGetEnough

  16. Christine

    Anything! I love winning books I hadn’t heard of before, because it introduces me to authors and stories that I otherwise never would have found :)

  17. Kristen

    Julie, you’re wrong that people aren’t interested in you. I’m curious as hell! I only got to talk to you for a few seconds at Penned Con

  18. Eva LeNoir

    I want Ford’s stories. Ford rocks the Casbah and I want to be his private dancer. Yeah, I know…he’s a fictional character. Meh, I’m okay with that. 😉

  19. Kim U

    I loved signed books of any sort- I have find some really great authors through surprise/ new to me books gifted from others!

  20. Vera Machado

    Fallen Fourth Down by Tijan when it comes out!

    Happy Blogaversary!!! 😀

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! :)

  21. Marina S

    Any book really but I am dying to have something signed by Gail McHugh, Olivia Cunning or K Bromberg !! Thanks for the chance!!

  22. Brenda H

    Any book would be good. Something with a good love story, some drama and of course great sex!

  23. Sara H.

    Congrats on the 2 year anniversary of New Adult Addiction! It’s my favorite blog and it’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years!

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance! 😀

    There are so many great authors and I think this blog has done a fantastic job picking books for Friday Night Freebies! :)

    If I had to give some suggestions on ones to possibly see as giveaways, some authors that come to mind would be Jodi Ellen Malpas, Sylvia Day, E.L. James, R.K. Lilley, Shay Savage, Ella James, S.K. Hartley, Tara Sivec, Lili Saint Germain, C.M. Stunich, M. Pierce, Whitney Gracia Williams, Pepper Winters, Jay Crownover, Claire Contreras, Katy Evans, Bella Jewel, Ella Frank, K.A. Robinson, Emma Chase, Nicole Edwards, S.C. Stephens, and maybe some older J.A. Huss books of course- like the Rook and Ronin series. 😀

    For quite a few of the authors I’d mentioned it’s really hard to find giveaways that often and they are in such high demand that it’s next to impossible to have a chance at winning when you do find giveaways (although it’s still fun to try). That’s why I listed as many as I did…. all great authors and I’m sure lots would agree that they’d love to win signed books by many of them if given the chance.

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