GIVEAWAY: End of Book Shit Ford and Ashleigh

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GIVEAWAY: End of Book Shit Ford and Ashleigh

GIVEAWAY: End of Book Shit Ford and Ashleigh

Slack and Taut

JA Huss

Series: Rook and Ronin Spinoff

Genres: Adult Suspense, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, New Adult, Romance, Romantic Suspense
Ford Aston is known for many things. Being an emotionless, messed up bastard, a freakishly smart social outcast, and a cold, domineering master who keeps "pets" instead of girlfriends.
And after Rook broke his heart, he plans to keep it that way.
Ashleigh is known for nothing, and that's exactly what she's got going for her. She's broke, stranded in the mountains with a three month old baby, and Ford Aston is screwing with her head.
Big. Time.
And she plans to mess with his right back.
It's a coy game at first, filled with flirting, and innuendo--but Ford soon realizes something is not quite right with Ashleigh. In fact, something is seriously, seriously wrong and the closer they get to their final destination, the closer Ford gets to the truth.
One night of devastation, self-loathing, and emptiness turns into the best thing that ever happened to Ford Aston. But one day of in-your-face reality threatens Ashleigh's whole existence.



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Slack and Taut. Most people didn’t get the titles until a year later when I wrote about it in another End of Book Shit. But everything I do in a story has a purpose and these titles are no exception.
Slack is Ford going off the rails as he tries to deal with Christmas Eve. He takes a few hits for his team, even for an outside affiliate from his teen years, called Merc. And he meets one of the most memorable characters I’ve ever written. The twelve-year-old La-Femme-Nikita-in-training, Sasha Cherlin.
Slack is a deep book. It got a lot of mixed reviews when it came out because Ford was not a very likable guy in this book. He’s struggling with who he is, what he wants, and how he can get there. He’s not with a girlfriend, so it’s not really romantic. But he forges a new friendship with Sasha. He tries to help Veronica, even though she terrifies him. He shows how much he cares for his mother by making a sacrifice. He has a moment of rage, a moment of regret, and a moment of maturity.
All things which are very foreign to the anti-social, but always in control, freak called Ford.
Slack was written with two purposes in mind. It sets up Ford as a character before he meets Ashleigh. And it sets up the series which became known as Dirty, Dark, and Deadly.
Here’s a fun fact. I wrote Taut first, even though Slack happens first chronologically and it released a month before Taut. So when I created the character Merc in Taut, I already imagined him in a future series. Ditto for Sasha, but with her it was different. I always saw Sasha on the sidelines until I actually decided to put her in the Come Back book. I always knew she was bad-ass, I just didn’t realize how bad-ass until later.
Sasha will get her own book in 2015. Probably May.
So in Taut, Ford is still trying to come to terms with his future. I set Taut up based on one sentence I wrote way back in Manic. It’s when Ronin is talking to Rook about him:
“What’d you do while I was gone?”
“Ran with Ford, slept, moped.” I look up at him and smile. “Waited for you to come back.”
“How is Ford?”
“He’s weird, Ronin. He’s a weird guy.”
His whole body stiffens underneath me for a second, then relaxes. “What’d he say?” He sounds worried.
I sit up and look down at him. “He said I like being told what to do.”
This makes Ronin pull away. “What?”
“Yeah, some crap about waiting for orders.”
“That guy is unbelievable.”
“Never mind, Gidge. But if you’re interested in taking orders, then take mine. Stay away from him. He’s not a nice guy.”
I say nothing.
“Let me guess, he said the same thing about me?”
“Yeah, sorta. He said you like broken girls so you can fix them. Do you think I’m broken?”
He nuzzles into my neck. “You’re so strong, Rook. You’re the farthest thing from broken I’ve ever seen. Please stop running with him. He’s a mind-fuck. He does it on purpose. His father was some big-shot psychiatrist, just as nasty as Ford before he died. Ford is one fucked-up dude. And you wanna know why I hate his fucking guts? Because when I was in the tenth grade and he was a senior, he looked up the police report about my father, made copies of it, and then plastered it all over school. Antoine went ballistic, but Ford’s father donated a bunch of money to the school and nothing ever happened to him. He’s a total asshole.”
I knew when I wrote that, that Ford’s father loved him. He was not from a broken home, quite the contrary. Ford was from the perfect home. And still life gets fucked up. You’re born a freak. Or you lose someone who you love. Or whatever.
I wanted Ford to be the opposite of Rook and Ronin, and yet he still has to fight the same battles as everyone else. So essentially, I wanted readers to see no matter how lucky you get in one area of life, you still have challenges to overcome. Ford has those challenges in spades. Even though he’s smart, rich, and successful–he only has three friends. Rook–whom he wants to be more than a friend. Ronin–who he’s jealous of to a point where he’s not sure if he likes him or hates him. And Spencer–his childhood friend.
So Slack has Ford trying to be as detached and distant to people as he can. It just doesn’t work out that way. He gives in and drives his buddy  to Cheyenne to do a gun deal and that’s where he meets a 12 year old girl named Sasha. Ford walks into her antique mall an asshole and walks out.. well, he’s still an asshole. But the kid changes him. His day get better and worse all at the same time after that, because everyone he comes into contact with needs something from him. And if it was as simple as giving presents, Ford could probably deal. But no. What people want from his this Christmas Eve is a connection. And Ford Aston does not do connections.
Taut is Ford’s journey from distant to connected. Ashleigh was the perfect heroine for Ford in Taut. She was smart, resilient, and strong even when all she wanted to do was fall down and die. She challenged Ford in a way no other woman has. And Ford needed her just as much as she needed him. These two really did save each other.
Taut is still my favorite book. Maybe not the best book, but still my favorite. It’s 110,000 words and not once along the way did I stop writing and wonder where this book was going. Every word was effortless.
It’s also a standalone. You don’t really have to know what’s happening in Rook & Ronin to get Taut. There’s some mentions of the other characters, and Ford is running from his disappointment. But none of it matters to the plot. This book is just an old-fashioned romance.
Ford appears in Manic, Panic, Slack, Taut, Bomb, Guns, and Coming For You, the third book in the Dirty, Dark, and Deadly series.



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56 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: End of Book Shit Ford and Ashleigh”

  1. Jules

    I liked Ford, but not as much as Ronin and Spencer. I’d be more interested in another book with Rook & Ronin than Ford. I’d like to know how Rook’s and Ronin’s relationship pans out. Although, an escapade from Sasha and Ford wouldn’t be bad either.

  2. Marina

    I am so happy to indulge in five days of EOBS, and today is my favorite – FORD. I enjoy all of your characters, but he is just IT for me. Taut was the book that I absolutely could not put down, and I cried at a very pivotal time for Ford when he was at the hospital (don’t want to spoil for anyone) – for all of his dark, he is also incredibly light and lovable. Turns out he actually loves a lot of people, and he is even open to change (a little, better than none). He’s my other favorite four letter F word:).

  3. Dione Farr

    Ford is my fave hands down. I feel connected to the couple! I love how he can finally open up to someone FINALLY! Ash and Kate and Ford love their little fam. Plus him and his buds are all genius bad asses.

  4. Staci Pope

    YES! I want another book with Ford in it, another book about Ford…I just want more Ford!

  5. Kristy Petree

    Being honest here–I haven’t read Slack and Taut, so I can’t give an educated or honest answer. He seems pretty popular, so I’m sure it would be a hit. Thanks!

  6. Jayne

    LOVE Ford – re-reading Taut now and Slack next. I rarely re-read books, but yours…. these characters have my heart. They feel like real people who I need to check in on every now and then. I’m almost surprised there aren’t RP accounts for them

  7. Cynthia

    Yes! If Ford or any other characters could make appearances in your other books I would not mind. Heck, I welcome it. Love these characters

  8. Vera Davis

    Although Ford is not my favorite, I adore HIM!!! Once. I started these books I couldn’t put them down. He turned me on, left me bewildered and frustrated me like crazy! Haha! But the awesome part about his character is that he has a big heart and even though he can have fucked up thoughts… I could relate. He made me feel like I wasn’t so broken. Thanks for that!

  9. Tricia Bartley

    I have not read this series’s on my tbr tho = ) I am in 4th book of blue = ) tweet tweet

  10. Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    I would read even a pamplet if Ford was a part of it, Julie! I love Ford so much, he might be weird and controlling, but he is still made of amazing, and I think he’s just one of those guys who will go after what he wants, no matter the consequences… And that is kind of hot in a character 😉
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…Teaser Tuesday #41 – BurnedMy Profile

  11. Clare Flack

    Hey Julie thank you for such a great giveaway, Ive not had the chance to read these one but as soon as i get paid i will be getting them as i loved ford in Tragic, Manic and Panic.

  12. Tammie D

    my heart melted just a little more with his appearance in Coming For You. I’d love more appearances by Ford 😉

  13. Tammy Michelle Choate

    Yes Ford was and is still my favorite. But hell I would take more of all those sexy as hell men!!!!!

  14. Jay

    I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Ford yet I just finished reading TRAGIC and I’m starting MANIC now. But if a love these two I’m sure I would love Ford and want more of him

  15. Shannon Blackwell-Williams

    Haven’t read them yet, but I’m gonna say yes because of the good things I’ve heard about the books & him!

  16. Heather E

    I would always want more Ford! Maybe because he was my first, but he was always my favorite of the series. I saw a blogger post about a sale for a Slack/Taunt bundle. I bought and read it that day and then immediately bought the rest of the series. Since then, I have been a JA Huss fan and have read all the Rook & Ronin series + spinoffs, the Dirty, Dark and Deadly, and the Social Media series. I’m looking forward to 321.

  17. ashley

    I think another book about Ford in the future would be awesome, maybe once he has tamed down a bit and moving onto the sweet side of him.

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