10K LIKES GIVEAWAY: Six Signed Books & Surprise from JA Huss

July 3, 2015 Friday Night Freebie, Giveaways 69

10K LIKES GIVEAWAY: Six Signed Books & Surprise from JA Huss

Abbi Glines, Chelle Bliss, CM Stunich, JA Huss, Michelle Valentine

Genres: New Adult, Romance, Romantic Suspense
Wow, this blog is almost three years old! We have put up a lot of posts, promoted a ton of authors, and done thousands of dollars in giveaways over that time. And now we’re gonna do one more! Our Facebook page has grown slowly over the years and finally we have reached the 10K likes milestone!
I have a whole pile of signed books that I’m gonna giveaway for this. Plus, I will throw in a surprise Pink Package from my stash. 😉 I won’t tell you exactly what will be in it, but it will be MORE THAN ONE signed book from me.
So last year my assistant, Jana, gave me a great idea for a series and that series turned into Social Media (which, BTW, made the USA Today Bestseller’s list last week – one year later) and I wrote six books about kinky asshole movie star Vaughn Asher and filthy tweeting Twitter Queen, Grace Kinsella. Social Media did very well last year. It was an experience like no other for me. I released each installment in two-week increments and worked sixteen hour days all last summer. And all through that Jana and my editor RJ Locksley, were there to help me succeed.
So this summer we’re taking some time off to celebrate. I told Jana I’d take her to Europe first class as a thank you for her amazing idea, so that’s where we’re headed today. First class flight, five-star hotel in London, meeting my amazing editor RJ in London for a few days. And then the three of us are off to Paris via the Chunnel (first class again), and we’re gonna have a view of the Eiffel Tower from our hotel room.
We’re gonna be Instagraming our trip, so if you want to go to Europe with us, Follow me here.
These two women are the secret to my success and they deserve the best. I would not be where I am today without them and we are gonna have a blast and we’re gonna do it up in style.
But while I’m gone I’m doing a first-class giveaway for you guys! Thank you so much for supporting New Adult Addiction. I have tried to make this a place where new and upcoming authors get a chance to shine a well as a way to show support for more established author friends who have gone out of their way to help me.
So happy summer, happy 4th of July, and I’ll see you when we get back! <3

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About CM Stunich


C.M. Stunich was raised under a cover of fog in the area known simply as Eureka, CA. A mysterious place, this strange, arboreal land nursed Caitlin’s (yes, that’s her name!) desire to write strange fiction novels about wicked monsters, magical trains, and Nemean Lions (Google it!). She currently enjoys drag queens, having too many cats, and tribal bellydance.
Always a fan of the indie scene and ‘sticking it to the man,’ Ms. Stunich decided to take the road less traveled and forgo the traditional publishing route. You can be assured though that she received several rejections as to ensure her proper place in the world of writers before taking up a friend’s offer to start a publishing company. Sarian Royal was born, and Ms. Stunich’s books slowly transformed from mere baking chocolate to full blown tortes with hand sculpted fondant flowers.
C.M. is a writer obsessed with delivering the very best and scours her mind on a regular basis to select the most unusual stories for the outside world.

About JA Huss

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JA Huss is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty romances. She likes stories about family, loyalty, and extraordinary characters who struggle with basic human emotions while dealing with bigger than life problems. JA loves writing heroes who make you swoon, heroines who makes you jealous, and the perfect Happily Ever After ending.

You can chat with her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/AuthorJAHuss), Twitter (@jahuss), and her kick-ass romance blog, New Adult Addiction (www.newadultaddiction.com).

If you’re interested in getting your hands on an advanced release copy of her upcoming books, sneak peek teasers, or information on her upcoming personal appearances, you can join her newsletter list (http://eepurl.com/JVhAr) and get those details delivered right to your inbox.

About Michelle Valentine


New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author Michelle A. Valentine is a Central Ohio nurse turned author of erotic romance and New Adult novels. Her love of hard-rock music, tattoos and sexy musicians inspired her BLACK FALCON series.

Follow Michelle on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michel…

Website: www.michelleavalentine.com

If you are interested in reviewing books please write to Michelle at michelleavalentineassistant@gmail.com


69 Responses to “10K LIKES GIVEAWAY: Six Signed Books & Surprise from JA Huss”

  1. Kristy Petree

    It may not be popular among page lovers here, but I’m going with Twilight. It’s the book that started my love for reading (and in my late-30s, no less!). A close second would be Pride and Prejudice, which proved to me that I can love some of the classics as well. Thanks!

  2. Michelle Evans

    My favorite book of all time is the Gypsy Sons Mc by lili st. Germain

  3. Melissa Jones

    My favorite book of all time is Gone With The Wind and also my favorite movie. Congrats on 10K!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  4. Veronica

    That’s a hard ? But I would have to say Real Ugly by CM Stunich thanks for the chance and enjoy your vacation so well deserved

  5. Marcy Meyer

    That is really hard, because I read a lot and there are so many good books. I would say Always by Kindle Alexander affected me the most emotionally. Ugly, ugly cry. lol

  6. Bube

    Have a wonderful trip around Europe :)
    My favorite is Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon :))

  7. Lee

    Very hard to choose. I’ve been reading so long and books get better and better. Because I have so many current favorites (hello 321), I’m going to go with the very first adult romance book I ever read – almost 30 years ago (cough)… Love, Cherish Me (Rebecca Brandewyne) – I still remember it like I read it yesterday!

  8. Candy Lyn

    Favorite book of all time…
    Historical Romance – Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
    Dark Romance – anything in Pepper Winters Monsters In The Dark
    Romantic Comedy – Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid
    MC Romance – anything by Chelle Bliss
    I could probably do this all day and come up with new genres just so I can have all my favorites.

  9. Felicia Sidoma

    My all time fav is Dark Prince from Christine Feehan’s Dark series cause it was this book that get me into reading books in the first place. Now I love to read it all.

  10. Crystal Bell

    My favorite book is.. gosh I have so many.. Harper Sloan Corpse Series.

  11. KellyMae Helfrich

    Way too many awesome books read, but one that really got my blood flowing was ‘Try’ by Ella Frank. There was just something about the ‘bi-guy’ lusting after the straight guy!

  12. Leslie Baker

    I guess my most repeatedly read book would be Ransom by Julie Garwood. Favorite book, to many to list!

  13. Cassie

    This is a tough one because I have read sooo many GREAT books. My latest Favorite book is Heart of Light by TK Leigh.

  14. Heather Horton

    I’m going to have to say Fifty Shades, since that was what began my reading addiction! :)

  15. Dusty Summerford

    Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry is my favorite book of all time!!

  16. Michelle

    Just one book? Well I can’t. So I have to do my favorite book so far this year. Before We Were Strangers.

  17. Jasmin Jones

    The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher!
    Thanks for the epic giveaway!!!!

  18. Glenda S. Hefty

    I have so many favorite books, have read so many, I have not one favorite of all time but my favorite for this year is Kristin Hannah’s Nightingale and maybe it will by my all time favorite, time will tell.

  19. Mary Preston

    Has to be LONESOME DOVE by Larry McMurtry – I do love cowboys.

  20. Jennifer O'Connell

    I don’t really have a favorite book of all time, but the book that got me started on my love of reading, way back when, was “The Outsiders” be SE Hinton, so that brings back some fond memories!

  21. Brandy Gibson

    You might as well have brought out a bag of potato chips because just one will never do. Have way to many favorites to pick one out of them.

  22. Alana Daniels

    Too many to choose from but my fav authors are J A Huss and Mia Sheridan

  23. Artemis Giote

    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
    This book is full of wit and charm. It not only relates to the past but to people in this time period. Elizabeth Bennet is a character I can relate to and Mr. Darcy is the type of man I wish to marry someday.

  24. Margay

    Not fair! I have a lot of favorite books! All-time fave, though, would have to be Pride and Prejudice.

  25. Linda Henderson

    My favorite book of all time would probably be East of Ecstasy by Laura Kaye.

  26. Heather E

    I have so many favorites. I guess my all time favorite is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.

  27. Kelly Scroggins

    Thoughtless series by S.C. Stephens. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Staci Pope

    It’s really hard to pick an all-time favorite book; however, I am going with I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS by Maya Angelou. It’s the book that had the most impact with in me.

  29. Jessica Iskey

    Don’t laugh – My favorite book is The Princess and the Pea. It’s the first book I remember being read to me as a child. It holds special meaning to me in more than one way.

  30. Michelle Monroe

    I don’t have any one favorite. I love all kinds of genre so can’t pick just one from all that I have read. Emi Lost & Found series by Lori Otto is definitely one of my top fav in the ugly cry category (NA I believe is what they are). Also the Born Trilogy by Tara Brown (Kinda of Dystopian genre). Paranormal, I loved Clear by Jessica Park. I loved Sloth by Ella James (I believe that is dark romance maybe). So, can’t choose just one. Lol! Congrats and Ty for the chance. ❤️

  31. Kamla L.

    Your question really stumped me. I have so many favorites that I would even know where to begin.

  32. Karen A

    My favorite book has always been Watership Down, ever since I was a teen. I guess that makes me weird….

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