DEAR SANTA: Bring Me Some Promo Sign-up Form

September 20, 2015 Promo sale 0

DEAR SANTA: Bring Me Some Promo Sign-up Form

So last year on New Adult Addiction (my personal book blog) I ran a little promo thing for authors (who are not me) called The 13 Days of Gift Card Giveaways. And I had an overwhelming response from authors wanting to be featured. Unfortunately there were only thirteen spots and it was a rush thing on my part so most of the people on it were friends who saw my post first. So this year I’m gonna do it different.
(1) It will run for all 31 days of December and each author will be featured on the blog with a Rafflecopter giveaway made by me and structured in a way that I guarantee will build your social media presence.
(2) All authors in all genres are welcome
(3) You provide me with the stuff I need to make a post
(4) You provide the prize money – $25, all of which will go to your winner, not me.
(5) One person who I feel will get the most of out of it (so it will probably be a NA romance author) – will get to host a full day takeover of the New Adult Addiction Facebook Page (18K+ fans as of today)
(6) One person that I feel has the most potential to reach and attract new readers from MY fan base (so probably an erotic/romantic suspense author) will get to host a one day takeover of my Author JA Huss Facebook page (31K+ fans as of today)
(7) Sign-ups start today and end on November 1.
(8) Participants will be notified on November 10th.
(9) The first promotion begins on December 1 and the last one begins on December 31. All Giveaways will run for two weeks from the day you are first promoted.
(10) You MUST have your books on at least TWO distribution websites. (Amazon & Nook or Amazon and iTunes etc)
(11) NO PERMAFREE books accepted.
I don’t care who you are, what you write, if you’re indie or traditional. You are welcome to apply and in fact, I have a sweet spot for YA dystopia/SF, so if you write that, please DO apply! It’s pretty much all I read these days.
All books will be chosen by me, my co-blogger Kristi, and my assistant, Jana. All decisions are final.
This is a huge amount of work for me but I want to help new authors and Christmas can be challenging if you don’t have a lot of plans in place. But in exchange I expect something from participants. In order to make sure that everyone who applies is serious I need a full media package from you. If you have no idea what this means, I have an example for you below. If you do not give me all the required information I will delete your entry.
There is no minimum requirement, but I’m looking for indie authors who are ready to explode and just need a little push. I’m also looking for traditional authors who might have a great book that didn’t get the sales numbers they wanted from their publishing contract marketing plan.
If you have a new release you’d like to promote, great. But we won’t take those in this promo unless you have other books in your back list we can look at. I might make an exception if you are traditionally published and it’s a book I’d read myself.
I’m not guaranteeing you sales, I’m guaranteeing you eyeballs. If you’d like to see an example of a post from last year, check this out.
We have doubled our reach since then, so it can only get better.
In order to make my life easier when I post, I need a media kit from you when you apply. If you’ve never sent a media kit to a PR person for a blitz or a tour, then here is what one looks like (it will download to your computer). You include an excerpt of the book you want to promote, teasers, and the important info. If you have a new release you’d like to promote, you can change your book once you’ve been selected. But the book you submit is the one I will use to determine if you get a spot.
THANK YOU and I look forward to working with you soon!


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