TOUR REVIEW and EXCERPT: Until I Met You by S.L. Scott

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TOUR REVIEW and EXCERPT: Until I Met You by S.L. Scott

Until I Met You

S.L. Scott

Published on October 23, 2015

Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Their love burned bright, white hot, and strikingly blue around the edges.
Some thought them careless.
Some thought them crazy.
No one approved.
Taylor Barrett was looking for answers in a universe that had abandoned him.
Jude Boehler flooded her dark world with charisma and mystery, drawing everyone into her hurricane.
It was a most captivating of love affairs. They were shooting stars, meteors in the sky, colliding to create a spectacularly wonderful reckless romance, leaving them breathless and tethered.
But that’s what Love does.
Their souls were exposed to the chaos, bare and vulnerable. Can these two star-crossed lovers survive the madness that is life?
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“Do you want ice cream?”
She hit him with one surprise after another, and he replied, “It’s freezing out here. How about a coffee?”
“I don’t like coffee.”
“Wow, a New Yorker who doesn’t like coffee.” Taking her by the arm, he stopped her. “Are you going to tell me anything about yourself?”
“I just told you I don’t like coffee. That’s something.”
He sighed. “I’m serious, Jude.”
His emotional sigh was wearing on her and she gave him the most honest answer she could. “Not if I can get away with it.”
He looked into her blue eyes. Under a bright fluorescent light of a convenience store, he could see they were tinged in green with champagne centers. They were the most unique eyes he had ever seen. She was the most unique woman he had ever met. Now he felt bad for making her unhappy, so he broke his gaze away. “Fine. I’ll limit my questions.” And just to see her smile again, he said, “Ice cream it is.”
She jumped for joy. “I know a great place a few blocks from here.”
“Should we catch a cab?”
“No, I love the snow. It’s magical.”
Looking down the street and then back to her, he started wondering when he’d stopped seeing magic in the world. He could probably guess, but he didn’t want to think about that time.
A half hour later, his hands were frozen but he still found himself eating pistachio ice cream with Jude for dinner. He bought the treats and joined her at a booth where she was contentedly licking her rocky road. As soon as he sat down, she asked, “I think you can tell everything you need to know about a person by their favorite ice cream flavor.”


Until I Met You…My thoughts………………….

I’m still not sure how to put into words my feelings about this book. It’s very emotional, and I didn’t know how emotional it was until I started reading it. I usually stalk a book before I begin reading, because there are times I want the angst and gut-wrenching story, and times I want the funny, light and fluffy read. I went in totally blind and I’m still processing the ups and downs these two characters went through together. What I’m certain of, this book will make you cry. This book will take you on a ride, a roller-coaster ride with loops and turns, that will make you want to scream and feel…every word.

Jude is a complex character. At first I was confused by her thoughts and actions, she is quite a puzzle. There were parts in the story that my heart absolutely broke for her- I felt her pain, and then there were times I wanted to scream at her for what she was saying to Hazel. Taylor’s love for Jude was heartbreaking. He loves her so much, but he too, had his ups and downs. In the end, these two are two of the most perfect characters-for each other!

This book is written in third person. It is emotional, at times I found myself ugly crying, and so very angsty. If you’re in the mood for a feel every twist and turn book, one-click toady!
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About S.L. Scott


S.L. Scott is a former high-tech account manager with a journalism degree pursuing her passion for telling stories. She spends her days escaping into her characters and letting them lead her on their adventures.
Live music shows, harvesting jalapenos and eating homemade guacamole are her obsessions she calls hobbies.
Scott lives in the beautiful Texas hill country of Austin with her husband, two young sons, two Papillons and a bowl full of Sea Monkeys.
Her novels include Naturally, Charlie, Good Vibrations, and A Prior Engagement.


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