$10 GIVEAWAY and SIGNED PAPERBACK by Bethany Lopez

February 2, 2016 countdown to love 95

$10 GIVEAWAY and SIGNED PAPERBACK by Bethany Lopez

$10 GIVEAWAY and SIGNED PAPERBACK by Bethany Lopez

Always Room for Cupcakes

Bethany Lopez

Published on Feb. 2nd 2016

Genres: romantic comedy, Romantic Suspense
One day I was be-bopping along jamming to the music in my head while wondering if my thighs could handle grabbing a cupcake on the way home. The next thing I knew, my entire world crashed and burned.
I used to wake up at night in a sweat, crying because I’d dreamt that my husband was cheating on me, or that he hated me, and resented my kids. He’d always hold me close and tell me it was all just a dream, that he loved me and our family and that he’d never let me go.
He was a fucking liar.
Now I spend my days taking photos of scum just like him, trying to be a champion for other's being taken advantage of by the losers in our town, and my nights being a single mom to my beautiful twins.
I've got great friends who have my back, and a sexy, mysterious motorcycle man who keeps showing up when I need him. Maybe things are starting to look up, and one thing's for sure... There's always room for cupcakes.


“Who the fuck are you?”
I whipped my head up as I was shoving the camera back in my purse, and saw a strange man standing by a rehabbed old Camaro, smoking a cigarette.
“Uh … a friend of Clarice’s. I was just using the bathroom,” I managed, not sure who the guy was, or what my next move should be.
“Yeah?” he asked, throwing his cigarette to the ground and taking a step toward me. “You need a camera to do that?”
Before he could make another move, I secured my bag on my shoulder, turned and took off like a shot.
I hit Main Street, cursing myself for wearing the damn boots when the sound of a motorcycle pulling up along side of me caused me to turn my head.
My first thought was, where the hell did the bike come from?
Then I realized it wasn’t the slimy guy from behind the salon. The bike came to a stop and the most dangerously beautiful man I’d ever seen rumbled, “Get your sweet ass on the bike.”
I stood there for a moment, wondering what in the hell was happening, if I should get on this strange man’s bike, and if I was offended or flattered by his sweet ass comment.
“Darlin’,” he prodded.
I turned my head to look behind me, and saw the slimy guy standing at the side of Clarice’s, and made a quick decision to accept … his offer of a ride, and the compliment. So, I swung my leg up and over the bike, settled my front to his back, and curled my arms around the thick bulk of his muscled body.
Tingling head to toe from the adrenaline, and the close contact with a seriously hot man, I couldn’t stop my lips from spreading into a grin as we took off down Main Street.


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About Bethany Lopez

bethany lopez

Award-Winning Author Bethany Lopez began self-publishing in June 2011. Since then she has published various YA and NA books. She is a lover of romance, family, and friends, and enjoys incorporating those things in what she writes. When she isn’t reading or writing, she loves spending time with her husband and children, traveling whenever possible.


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  1. Heather L

    I don’t discriminate on cupcakes. I love them all!!! My favorite frosting is buttercream ❤️

  2. Staci Pope

    Red velvet with dark chocolate frosting is my favorite; but I’ll pretty much eat any cupcake.

  3. KellyMae Helfrich

    I really don’t have a favorite. But I guess I do like white with a whip cream frosting.

  4. Renee Rousseau

    Any cupcake that looks like it is chocolate,has chocolate frosting,chocolate filling,chocolate sprinkles, smells like chocolate, or has chocolate in it’s name at least once!

  5. Michele H.

    My favorite is chocolate cupcakes. Ooh….red velvet ones with cream cheese frosting too! Yummy!

  6. Heather Scully

    Oh my…favourite cupcake? Geez…that’s tough. I love most of the cupcakes I’ve tried. But…I have to say, and don’t freak and say it should never have been invented…but the maple bacon cupcake is to die for. As a Canadian girl, I pride myself in my love of maple ?. And that cupcake…whoever invented it, is a genius. Lol ❤❤❤

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance! ??❤??

  7. Becky Takach Wise

    Snickers cupcake. Chocolate cake with a mini snickers baked in the middle topped with Carmel frosting.

  8. QuenKne Ma

    I don’t really have a favorite cupcake. I tend to like the more exotic desserts like Tiramisu, or Cream Puffs.

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