$20 GIVEAWAY from Rose Francis

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$20 GIVEAWAY from Rose Francis

$20 GIVEAWAY from Rose Francis


Rose Francis

Published on 4/29/2014

Genres: Romance
Just a few bored billionaire brothers having fun. But at whose expense?
To alleviate their eventual boredom with the easy life, the wealthy Wilde brothers propose
specific challenges to each other every year on their birthday. They've bedded supermodels,
famous actresses and pop stars, but this year, Alec proposes they go after someone from their
past--someone 'normal' yet elusive--and give them the time of their life.
Twins Brandon and Connor have to think hard about their prospects, but Alec knows exactly who he wants go after: Dahlia Bridges—a girl who has haunted him since their playground days.
He thinks she could be the missing puzzle piece in his otherwise full, decadent life and he will do everything in his power to make her his.
But how much will it take?
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Dahlia didn’t miss the looks thrown her way from coworkers as she walked toward her
desk—something had happened.
She checked to make sure her blouse hadn’t popped open, revealing an errant boob, or that
something—a pen or coffee—hadn’t left a mark on the front of her clothes that she had somehow
Was her nose running?
She swiped her hand across it to check.

She understood the wide-eyed stares only when she was within ten feet of her desk and
saw the massive bouquet of flowers on it.

What was that, five dozen roses? With gorgeous red and white buds arranged beautifully in
a stunning gold vase amongst baby’s breath and other supporting emerald stems?
Surely there had been a mistake; perhaps someone had meant to deliver the flowers to the
cubicle next to hers.

“What the…?” She realized the words had slipped very loudly from her mouth instead of staying in her head.

Her next-door cubicle neighbor, Susan, giggled, light blue eyes riveted.
“Girrrrl. That’s what we’ve been saying. Someone’s been a very good—or a very bad—
Envy, Dahlia realized. Amazement and awe.And curiosity. That’s what she had seen on all
the nearby faces while she walked up to this spectacle.
Dahlia went straight for the greeting card and noticed a second bouquet placed on the

ground—calla lilies flanked by purple roses. Who knew how much she loved calla lilies?
She lifted the card from that one as well while admiring the flowers.

Would love the chance to see you face to face.—A Secret Admirer, said the first card.
Then she read the second card: Text yes to the number on the back of this card and I will
make arrangements at The Golden Swan. Send day and time.
Dahlia caught her breath. Her favorite restaurant?
She had only gone there once, and it had been the best thing about her date.
She almost texted yes immediately.
Then it occurred to her who the flowers were likely from. But surely such thoughtful
beauty couldn’t have come from that creepy asshole?
She flipped the card over to see if she would recognize the phone number and found
another message printed there as well.
I will keep asking, one way or another until you say yes.
A shiver went through her.
She wasn’t sure if she should be scared or flattered.

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About Rose Francis

I write stories involving interracial relationships, particularly BWWM.

So far, I have released 1 full-length novel and several novellas under a few different series.

I love writing stories that are not quite mainstream because I love reading them!

Basically, I write stories I wish I could find easily and in greater numbers.

I have been writing from a very early age and I’m thrilled to have a platform that allows me to bring my tales to the public!


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  1. QuenKne Ma

    I don’t discriminate against people who are rich….so yes, I would date a billionaire but not for the sole purpose because he has money.

  2. Heather Scully

    Would I date a billionaire? Hmm…Good question. I think the answer would depend. If he understood that money means nothing to me, if he didn’t try to buy my affection with extravagant gifts, and if he funded worthwhile charities with his money…I may consider it. I hate people who believe craploads of money will get you everything. Well…it won’t get you me. ??

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance. ??❤??

  3. Tiffanee

    Maybe, I want to say yes however somethings just would be weird. Like, what if we had Photographers following us, I am a very private person. I think it would depend on the person and the feelings involved.

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