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I started this blog in September 2012 the same week I published my first book. If you’re wondering, I was not a book blogger before I was an author, it happened the other way around. If you would’ve asked me three years ago if I would ever run a blog that was updated almost daily I’d have laughed. :) I really never thought it would last. I typically get bored with stuff like that. But book blogging is different. It was fun to see all these new books come out and put up cool teasers and stuff. And it’s grown into something much bigger over the past year. Now I see New Adult Addiction as a place to help out other authors as they try and make a name for themselves. How many people see this blog per day depends on if I post, what I post, and how much time I have to promote that post on any given day. I do not treat all posts the same. The more interested I am in a book, the more I promote it. But with that said, I’m really busy, so there are plenty of days that I don’t tweet what’s on the blog. It has nothing to do with the book.
I rarely take a book for review and I almost never take a romance. I do review my friends books, but I assure you, if I do, it’s because I was a fan before they became my friends.  I like to take science fiction, dystopia, and psychological thrillers in YA and NA. Sometimes I review erotica, but I’m not looking for more books to review. If you book a tour through YA Bound or Xpresso, I will see it when it’s announced. If it looks interesting, I’ll request to be on your tour. That is the only way I take reviews from authors I have never read before. I do look at the other tour hosts as the announcements come in to my mailbox, but I don’t often sign up for them. I’m sorta set in my ways and I like how these two companies run things.  I don’t have to think too hard about the post, so that saves me time.
If you really want your book reviewed on this blog, your best bet it to contact Kristi, but she will be honest and you might get low stars.  Ditto for the girls who run the Facebook page, Amber and Leah. They take reviews sometimes. I know they accept some promos if you message them on FB, but I really don’t know what their criteria is.


JA Huss is the author of the Amazon bestselling Rook and Ronin series, the epic science fiction I Am Just Junco series, and hundreds of kid-friendly science books in subjects such as biology, physics, anatomy and physiology, astronomy, and forensics. She has an undergraduate degree in equine science and a master’s degree in forensic toxicology. She has never taken a creative writing class and she hopes she never will.
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  1. Lisa

    Hi – I am following you on Bloglovin but wanted to leave you a little note and tell you how beautiful your blog is. Thanks for letting me peek around :)

  2. Belinda T

    Dear J.A. Huss

    Firstly I would like to say that your covers and truly amazing and my favorite one is ‘Tragic’. I love it well done : – )

    Ms Huss we are a boutique digital publisher based in Melbourne Australia specializing in Contemporary Romance and Erotic novels. We would love the chance to work together by rereleasing your titles (instead of you going through Draft2Digital like you are now) on Apple (on all 51 countries) so that we could do our magic and make sure your titles make it in the top charts of the iBook store.

    We have published over 400 titles over the last three years. Our unique publishing model does not cost our Authors anything. In fact, we pay a $US1,000 advance as soon as your title is live online. This advance is on top of the royalty share we also pay.

    Whilst we are able to publish on all online digital platforms, our unique proposition for already published authors such as yourself is working on their existing titles for release (or rerelease) on the Apple iBook store (the Author keeps their rights on all other online stores like Amazon, Kobo Etc…). Furthermore, the Author also keeps their non-digital rights just in case one of the big publishers are interested a paper-back deal.

    Creative Online Publishing Inc. constantly has titles in the top 200 charts on the Apple iBook store. Many of our Author’s titles make more sales on Apple than Amazon. When published via us, it is not uncommon for a single title on Apple to earn our Author’s over $5,000 in royalties in the first month alone. In fact, we have seen sales as high as $20,000 on one title just on Apple. Should you wish to verify these figures I’d be more than happy to send you these via a screen shot from iTunes connect.

    We don’t just re-publish titles on Apple and hope for the best. Firstly we meticulously try to enhance each title by fine-tuning and editing the content with the help of our Senior Editor. We can also look to re-do the cover design so that it attracts the greatest number of online eyeballs. You can also keep the new cover we do for free of charge to use on your other sales channels. As stated above, we do not charge our Authors anything. All costs are worn by us.

    Once we publish online and the book is live, we don’t just leave it to chance either. We carefully plan a rigorous online marketing campaign to promote your title and name as an Author. We initially send out an email marketing campaign to Creative Online Publishing Inc.’s very loyal and dedicated readership that purchase e-books regularly on the Apple iBook store. Currently we have over 5,500 genuine iBook store customers on our database, and this figure is growing by the day. This email list is very important as it help push all our titles we release in the top charts within the first week. Furthermore, we also promote your title once it’s live via hundreds of blog posts dedicated to online readership of this genre.

    We are quite confident that an Author’s sales on Apple should be significantly higher if they publish through us, than if they didn’t. Whilst we respect online aggregators and self-publishing platforms such as Draft2Digital, they simply do little to promote a title. They are not publishers such as we are in the strict sense, nor do they directly market each release at their own expense to thousands of readers, like we do.

    Not only will we pay a $US1,000 advance towards the royalty split of all sales on Apple (50-50 split of royalties) but we offer a 60 day sales guarantee that if you are not happy with your Apple sales published via us, we will return the title back to you to you at no cost. You still keep your $US1,000 advance. So not much to lose but potentially plenty to gain.

    Should you be interested Ms Huss in being officially published online by Creative Online Publishing Inc, we’d love to hear back from you. So perhaps give us a go on 1 title and see how we go. You might be pleasantly surprised. (Please note we do not accept all titles as they must first pass our Senior Editor’s rigorous assessment of being a quality well written piece of literature).

    P.S. Last week’s release we did for Amanda Maxlyn’s top selling title ‘What’s left of me’ made the top #84 on the Apple charts (Romance) USA within a few days. We also expect this week’s release from Brooke Page titled ‘Binding Arbitration’ to also be in the top charts within a few days.


    Belinda T

    Publishing Manager

  3. Candy Beck

    This was the only place I could find to leave answer for giveaway. My favorite rock star or band is well they all tie at the top spot but here’s a few Papa Roach, Shinedown, In this Moment, Three Days Grace, etc.

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