Fall from Grace by Christine Zolendz

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Fall from Grace by Christine Zolendz is anew adult novel that kept me up all night flipping page after page to see what happens. 
This is sign of a really good story. I wish every book I picked up had this effect on me.
I thoroughly enjoyed Grace and her BFF, Lea.  The story begins with a heartbreaking loss for Grace when her brother, one of only two people who know the secrets she been hiding, dies of cancer.  We do learn fairly early that Grace is no stranger to sadness and loss, although this does not get elaborated on until later.
We also meet Gabriel in the first few pages, giving condolences, but who he is, and what he wants, is not explained until later.  His true motivations really don’t come until the very end.
Grace has been living at the hospice with her brother for six months, and since he dying wishes were that there be no memorial service or funeral, as soon as he’s “gone” she jumps into her Jeep and drives back home to NYC where life has proceeded to go on without her.
Enter BFF, Lea. 
I loved Lea, she was funny and the perfect side-kick girlfriend.  Lea has a new dude in her life and he comes with hot friends, some of which happen to play in a rock band.  Since Grace is new on the scene and Lea has been talking her up for six months, all the guys are very interested in her. 
There is somewhat of a love triangle in this book between Tucker, who wants Grace as a sort of trophy GF, and Shane – the bad boy rocker.  Shane is basically a slut and has girls hanging all over him at every opportunity at first.
But he is drawn to Grace, not in an insta love kind of way either, this drawing takes time.  Grace is drawn to him as well, again, she does not give in. But part of Grace’s secret prevents her from acting on any attraction until the bond they feel is overwhelming.
I’m not going to tell you any more, there are a ton of reviews out there that will do that, but I will say that this book is well worth the price and perfectly delivers what I would consider a new adult storyline.
4.5 stars for the cliffhanger ending – I hate those!!!!!!  And not even a sample chapter of the next book!  But still, except for that, it was a perfect read.


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