REVIEW: The Haunting Season by Michelle Muto

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The Haunting Season by Michelle Muto is one heck of a scary story. I used to be a very big horror reader back in the day 😉 but I’m a total chicken these days, so I don’t normally pick them up. But this description caught my eye and the cover is gorgeous, and when I read the sample I knew immediately that it was well-written.
This story begins with the character Jess. Jess is sort of a mess when we start – you see she sees dead people. Or not. Well, Jess used to see dead people, but for some reason, she can’t anymore. She’s been offered a chance to participate in a paranormal study at an old Savannah mansion called Siler House, and she jumps at the chance, hoping it will bring back her previous ghost-seeing skills and she can get some closure.

Which sounds weird, except Jess’ father recently died and she used to see her grandmother. So the ghosts for her were a good thing. Jess is brave and competent, and even though Allison is creepy as hell and Jess has to room with her, she used her wits to make decisions.

With her in the study are three other “participants” all of whom have paranormal powers. Gage can reanimate dead things, Bryan, who can make things disappear, and Allison – who has recently just recovered from demonic possession.
The young adults are being supervised by a housekeeper (who is always creepy, right?) And Dr. Brandt – who is in charge of the “experiment.”
Of course, with every haunted house, there is a history and this story is no exception. It’s an intriguing story, woven together with lots of twists and turns and towards the end, as it’s being revealed, it made me sit up and gasp (twice!)!
This book scared me. The whole demonic thing was chilling and there are a few twists in the plot at the end that were very well-crafted. The back story was revealed in just the right amount at just the right time, never feeling like you were getting an info dump – and I doubt anyone could see the twists in this story.
Five starts for Michelle Muto’s The Haunting Season.

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  1. The Readdicts

    You know what? The moment you said this was a super scary story, I just sorta went through your reivew because I didn’t want goosebumps coming up my arms! This seems like a proper scary book and I haven’t really read any of the type…I admire you for having read the whole book! You are brave, my friend! Awesome review! 😀

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

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