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What a great premise! I am a SF lover – JUNKIE, in fact, and I’m pretty much on board with trying out any book that has aliens in it. I loved Obsidian. Like a lot. I loved all the things you see being lauded about this book – Katy, the main character. How she has a book blog, her tragic past regarding her father, and her spunky, yet originally subdued, attitude. Katy is a well-developed and likable character.

Next, I loved Daemon! Who doesn’t, right? He had all the bad boy attributes – cocky nature, full of himself, thinks he’s God’s gift to women, stuck-up, rude, and tough. Oh, and did I mention, gorgeous? Yes, he’s gorgeous.

Daemon has a sister—-what’s her face? Oh, yeah Dee. That should tell you how much I cared about Dee. I didn’t, not even in the third book where I got the idea she was supposed to be sympathetic. Every time Katy spent time with Dee I was bored to death. Just couldn’t wait for something else to happen.

Ditto for the other friends in the series. Clarissa and Lesa? I think those were their names. In fact, I can honestly say, this series could’ve been only about Katy and Daemon and I’d have been happy.

The action in the first two books was very fast paced and well thought-out. I really enjoyed the plot, and the cute almost sex scene in the first book between Katy and Daemon was absolutely awesome! I loved that scene. There were a handful in the second book that were satisfying as well, even though there was no actual sex.

But in the third book we all knew they’d be doing the deed, right? But Armentrout really dragged this out way too far in my opinion. I was really excited when Katy and Daemon had their first few “close encounters” and those scenes were hot. But I was really disappointed in the actual deed scene itself. I don’t need any more description, that wasn’t it. I just felt the heat that made the previous almost sex scenes so fun and steamy was missing in that scene.

Blake was a total creep freak. I’m not into him at all, just creep freak. And I guess that was the point, but yuk.

Also, while the first two books resolved themselves, the third book is a total cliffhanger.

I’m not upset about it, really. I saw it coming a mile away. Plus, I think it’s OK to use a cliffhanger like that in a series. It makes things more interesting. But I don’t know, the third book might not be enough to keep me going. I’m sure when the next book comes out I’ll read it because it will be all over the place and I’ll be jonesing for some Daemon, but I just wish the third book was as great as the first two. 

5 stars for Obsidian

5 stars for Onyx
3 stars for Opal


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  1. Aman

    Same here! I hated Blake, and I hated Katy more for not telling on him. What a FREAK?
    Onyx was my favorite in the series because there were a lot of new things we learned about the Luxen, and the govt, but Opal was very plain. It was romantic, and everything, but I was waiting for good action which didn’t happen till the very end. Anywho, I still can’t wait to read Origin.

  2. J. Anne Huss

    Yeah, Blake’s creepiness was almost over the top in my opinion. Gross! I’ll read the next one – how could I not? But I agree – Opal was all about hitting plot points in my opinion. I was skimming and while I read the first two in like two days, it took me weeks to finish Opal.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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