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The incessant, breathless fast-talking of panicked people pulls me up from my slumber. I half remember Tier’s kiss and soft words across my cheek as he left to go back to Earth, so this noise does not make immediate sense.


That’s definitely not Tier.


The sleep slips away and I’m so fucking irritated. “What the fuck it is now, Sera?”

“You should watch the screen, Junco. It’s something you should see. Quick!”

Her urging gets my attention and I sit up, the sheets falling down before I realize I’m still naked. The breathless talking has turned into screams and my eyes track to the screen in front of the bed.

Masses of people are shrieking now, the breathless voice just one among what looks to be thousands of Asians, running for their lives. I think I had a comic book that looked like this as a kid.

The shaky video feed is running as well, but the cam must be an iris lens because every few steps the reporter turns to look back and the feed follows. I lean in, trying to see the monster.

And catch a glimpse of two sets of black wings far down the street.

It’s Tier and Ashur.


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