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“I’m hun-gry!”

Ash and I wince together as we help each other up off the floor.

“Who is that?” Lucan asks.

“Junco’s HOUSE.”

“Hmmm. She does not look like a house, Ashur.”

“I’m a girl!” she squeals. That little voice—incessantly asking for things like food, and drinks, and trips to the beach—is really grating on my nerves.

“What are you doing with her, Raubtier?”

“Babysitting for Junco,” Ashur answers.

“Would you shut the fuck up? I’ve had enough of you. I made a promise to get her out of Peaks before the earthquakes.”

“What earthquakes?”

“Exactly,” Ash answers.

“I’m hun-gry!”

Lucan walks over to her and bends down. “You are not hungry, you’re an AI. I’m quite versed in AI engineering and maintenance, and they do not require food. So, why don’t you keep quiet over here and watch something stupid on the screen so we don’t have to listen to your mouth as it flaps up and down and spews things we do not care about?”

Ash smiles at me. “He’s got a way with kids, right? Brings back all those awesome memories of being little in Lucan’s house.”

“Was he an asshole?” the little voice says.

I turn on my heel, fuming and pointing. “I already warned ya once, girl!”

“Junco never cared if I said asshole.”

“Say it again,” I growl down at her. “I dare ya.”


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