REVIEW: The Emerald Tablet by Joshua Silverman

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The Emerald Tablet 

(Legends of Amun Ra #1)
by Joshua Silverman
September 15th 2012 by Enchanted Forest Press
Historical Fantasy/SF

Leoros doesn’t have many friends. The son of a scientist and archeologist, he is constantly on the move. But when his parents make a startling discovery in Egypt, Leoros’ world is turned upside down.

Do you wish you could have the power of a god? Would you use it for good…or for evil?

When an archeologist discovers the mythic Emerald Tablet buried beneath Egypt’s desert, her son decodes the ancient text leading him to a distant world.

On that world, a slave girl begins a journey towards a destiny she cannot imagine. But when an ancient foe rises from the ashes, they will be brought together
by forces neither understands.

Leoros, who dreams of being like the heroes in the comic books, must fight to unlock the secrets of the universe to save a people he never knew existed.

Atlantia, whose bloody visions wake her in the night, senses the darkness coming.

Together they will face an enemy with the power of dark energy, lose a mentor to the assassin’s blade, and be betrayed by someone they trust. Their fight for the future is just beginning, and before it is over, a final sacrifice must be made. When the darkness comes, will they stand and fight or will they join it?

There is darkness in everyone.

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The Emerald Tablet had a lot of interesting ideas and I enjoyed the mix of fantasy, science fiction, and history…it’s quite a unique combination that is both original and unexpected.  The book was well-written, has a slew of characters, and a plot that kept me guessing.

I especially enjoyed the dialog and characterization, though there were times when the story lagged a little due to the incredible amount of detail.

It was hard for me to come to terms with the age of Leoros and some of the things that occurred in the plot, because they are definitely a little hardcore for kids. But this isn’t a YA novel, and I get that, but it makes me pause a little because young people will be naturally drawn to the story since it’s about a character who is very young.  But anyway, it’s not a YA novel and the author was very clear about that upfront.

I enjoyed the fantasy aspects even though I’m not a huge fantasy reader, and it there was a well-thought out magical system.  There were a lot of things I really liked about the story, the characters, the action and the mythology – but I have to admit, I did not care for the choice of point of view.  Third person present was very distracting for me and it never really got better.  Meaning, I never put the POV aside and just got into the story.  It was weird. I like present tense, and I like third when it’s done tightly in an almost first person manner, but this combination was not a win for me.

I would recommend The Emerald Tablet for those who love adventure novels – because it definitely had a lot of adventure!

About the author…

Joshua Silverman was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Orange County, California.

While attending California State University, Fullerton and studying Criminal Justice, Joshua was introduced to a creative writing class where he wrote a series of paranormal stories. As a child, he has always been an amateur historian, focusing on ancient Egypt, Greece, and Roman civilizations.

Since working in the legal environment, he has combined his passion for creative writing with his love of ancient history by penning his debut novel, The Emerald Tablet, the first of seven in the Legends of Amun Ra series.

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