GIVEAWAY and REVIEW: Azure by Chrystalla Thoma

October 3, 2013 Giveaways, Reviews 16 ★★★★½

GIVEAWAY and REVIEW: Azure by Chrystalla Thoma

GIVEAWAY and REVIEW: Azure by Chrystalla Thoma

Azure (Drowning in You)

Chrystalla Thoma

Published on September 2nd 2013

Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Paranormal
A terrible mistake haunts college student Olivia Spencer. To escape the past, she travels to the Mediterranean island of Crete, hoping for the courage to start anew.
By the sea, she meets sexy and enigmatic Kai. But there’s more to Kai than meets the eye — and nobody wants to talk about it. The locals shun him, accusing him of magic. Kai, apparently, belongs to the sea, no matter how crazy that sounds.
Kai isn’t free to be with her or live his own life, and this is how he will stay, unless Olivia can break his curse and save him — in doing so atoning for those she failed in the past.
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azure_PB_250What a nice surprise this book was. I’ve never read any of Chrystalla’s books before this one, and for that I’m sorry. She’s a wonderful storyteller. First of all, the year of contemporary new adult might be over. I for one am just a little bit sick of contemporary romances, but yet – I still do enjoy them a lot if they are very original.
Azure is something in between a contemporary and paranormal. It’s quite subtle, and for that I seriously have to give Chrystalla props. It’s something of a mermaid story – but yet… that’s not even close to what it is. First of all, the main heroine, Olivia, is not in any way paranormal. And the hero, Kai, might not be either.
So where’s the paranormal aspect, you ask? Well, I’m not going to tell you. It’s a spoiler that I’m not willing to give up, because half f what kept me reading was figuring out this little mystery these two characters have going.
I love the setting – on the beaches of Crete. Chrystalla herself is Greek and I have this thing for reading non-American authors – and maybe it’s more of a non-English thing… or a non-English as an only language thing… but anyway – I enjoy reading their take on storytelling in English when it’s not their only language because the sentences and expression are so fresh. Chrystalla’s storytelling is like that. She a breath of fresh air and really excels as keeping things interesting using word choices alone.
Also – this is such a thoughtful book. It has original poetry at the heading of each chapter, complemented by Shakespeare, and I tell you, I liked the fictitious poet much better than I did the famous dead English one. 😉 Those little poetic gems should not be skipped – they are delightful. In fact, these little snippets were so good, I actually went Googling for the poet! (She’s not real, the poet is Chrystalla!)
OK, on to the story – Olivia is in Crete with some German friends trying to get over a nasty break up with a boyfriend and get past a mistake she made with a friend not that long ago.
Kai is in Crete because this is his home. Sorta. He’s half American, he speaks perfect English, and he grew up in America. He’s also very cryptic and moody – but that’s because he’s got some demons in his past as well.
And everything about this story revolves around the sea… mermaids? Not quite. Sirens? Nope. Angry Greek Gods… sorry. Not it.
And yet – it might be about all three of those things.
This story is so original, I don’t want to spoil it for you by giving away too much of the plot so let’s just say it’s a nice romance with some hot moments, some tension, some mythology, some history, and some poetry.
I loved it, actually. Chrystalla pens a beautiful new adult tale that is totally by itself as far as what’s currently out there in this genre. I definitely recommend this one to all romance readers.

And I’m giving out five copies of AZURE, courtesy of the author, so just enter using the Rafflecopter and I’ll choose winners next week. :)

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About Chrystalla Thoma


Greek Cypriot with a penchant for dark myths and good food. I have proven my tendency to settle down anywhere but at home by having lived and studied in France, England, Germany and Costa Rica, before returning to Cyprus two years ago.
I like to write about fantastical creatures, crazy adventures, and family bonds. I live in Cyprus with my husband and my vast herds of books. I write fantasy and science fiction, and my short stories can be found in Alienskin magazine, Lorelei Signal, the Shine Journal, Encounters Magazine, and Bards and Sages ezine i.a. I am also an author of MuseItUp Publishing, and my YA Urban Fantasy novella Dioscuri – retelling of the classic Greek myth of the same name – has been now released.
I am currently working on a few novels, including a vampire novel set in Cyprus, an epic fantasy trilogy, and a YA science fiction series.


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  1. Amy Pollard Woolard

    Psychic abilities would make things interesting!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  2. Megan Stietz

    That is a tough one…..I read a lot of paranormal and there are so many different kinds that I don’t see a lack of anything really. But I love so much of it that more of any of it is great!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  3. Rachelle

    Definitely would like to see more Shifters and Fallen Angels and Demons.
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  4. Denise Z

    I really love all things paranormal and there really are not many gargoyles perhaps that will be the new wave 😉 Thank you for this treat of a giveaway opportunity. This looks like a sweet read :)

  5. Arlene

    I’ve read Azure and wanted to say what an awesome review this is. Glad you loved the story as much as I did and took the time to express that so nicely.

  6. Christine

    More paranormal mystery–not just a mysterious aspect, but a real mystery driving the plot that isn’t predictable. I’m a sucker for a good mystery story :)

  7. Erika R

    I’d love to see more suspense and crime fighting with paranormal with a bit less romance.. sometimes I need an intense book minus the fluff. 😉

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