GIVEAWAY and EXCERPT: Inner Core by Sigal Ehrlich

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GIVEAWAY and EXCERPT: Inner Core by Sigal Ehrlich

GIVEAWAY and EXCERPT: Inner Core by Sigal Ehrlich

Inner Core

Sigal Ehrlich

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
When Hayley makes a resolution to take back the control over her life, and declare their relationship R.I.P, it’s all good in theory…
That is until Daniel decides to prove her wrong and get her back.
Together, Hayley and Daniel seem to have it all. But can love ever be enough when two strong personalities collide and while reality takes the lead?
Faced with more obstacles than she could have ever bargain for when it comes to Daniel, struggling to keep her own identity while sharing a life with her man. Buds of doubt start rooting in Hayley’s confidence, making her rethink her decision.
And just when it seems that they might make it together after all, life happens. Bringing a threat that neither Hayley nor Daniel could ever anticipate, a threat that could break them apart forever.
New Adult Addiction New Adult Addiction
“In this lifetime, Hales.” Daniel’s edgy voice behind the door snaps me out of my brief reverie, urging me to hurry.
When I open the door I am momentarily frozen by the sight in front of me. I feel a gross spark below my waist, and ‘gross’ is putting it mildly. I can barely get enough of my man wearing his usual rugged look, but this look gives my heart a major systolic disorder. He is six feet three inches of smoking hot maleness.
I need to swallow hard to get rid of the puddle of drool forming underneath my tongue. His impeccable body is draped in an expensively cut tux in complete contrast to the delinquent, sex-ridden mien that just oozes from his bad boy posture. And the combination of the two…
D, you are so my illegal drug.
“Christ, Hales, you look insanely beautiful.” His eyes fall on me with a gaze that suggests he’s about to rip my clothes off. I grin at him, ego about to breach Mars’s atmosphere.
You should talk.
“I am so going to finish the night either in a fight or with a severe condition of blue balls.” He leaves a scorching kiss/bite below my ear. A giggle escapes my mouth at the graveness he gives this sentence.
Who said romance was dead?
“No fighting necessary as I’m not sure I’ll be able to detach myself from you, sir. And about that severe condition you mentioned: believe me, I am so planning to take care of that. The sooner the better.” I bat my eyes at him suggestively.
In other words, D, I am going to cling to your illegally arousing self like a cat in heat til I’m able to satisfy the feeling you just evoked in me.
“For fuck’s sake, I can’t believe we need to go now.” He grunts beside me. I inwardly tut.”

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About Sigal Ehrlich


By teen age, Sigal already lived in three different continents where she had the luck to experience and visit varied places, meet unique people, which only helped fuel her overly developed imagination. Currently, Sigal calls Estonia home where she lives with her husband and three kids.

Not exactly sure where they will end up next…

When she is not hiding in her office, writing, she enjoys music, reading and taking care of her little clan.

With a great believe in “don’t wait for things to happen – make them happen,” she enjoys anything exciting life has to offer.


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