Hump Day Hottie Interview with Dave Santa Lucia

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Hump Day Hottie Interview with Dave Santa Lucia

Hump Day Hottie Interview with Dave Santa Lucia

Series: B&S

Genres: Chick Lit, Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
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This week our Facebook page had fun getting to know Dave Santa Lucia, fitness model and Brandon on Kimberly Knight’s B&S series. Make sure to head over to our Facebook page (click here) on Wednesday to enter our giveaway!

In the meanwhile, here’s the complete interview with Dave.


What do you do outside of modeling?

Currently, I’m a licensed physical therapist assistant and I work on the weekends. I’m also in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Professional Program at Daemen College and that is what I do during the weekdays. Because of school and training, I leave my house at 7:30am and don’t return home until 9 or 10pm every day. Next year I will be Dr. Santa Lucia!

Favorite go to song/band? Best song to work out to?

 In the gym I love to listen to Deep House, which is a form of electronic music. I find that the groovy sound and faster pace keeps me working hard in the gym. Since I’m in the gym every day I listen to House music the most, however, I like all genres of music and will listen to anything depending on my mood. I love alternative rock as well, especially 90’s rock. My favorite go to band without a doubt is Dave Matthews Band  and/or Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds!

Favorite movie? TV show?

 The movie that had the greatest impact on me with respect to overall first impression and replay value is Avatar. I love science fiction and I believe that anything in this universe is possible unless it is otherwise proven by science that it’s not. So, science fiction movies really get my mind going over the unknowns of our world and the universe that we live in. After all, one of the greatest proponents to our scientific discoveries with respect to technological advancements has been science fiction stories and films. These novels and movies inspired scientists to see if the theories in the books and movies were, in fact, possible. We owe a great deal of our advancement to a science fiction origin, so it is fun to see what might come about in our future when watching these movies.  As for T.V. shows, my favorite show of all time is Breaking Bad! It is such an incredible drama with unbelievable actors who really portray fantastic character development as the show progresses. It is flawless.

 Favorite beverage of choice?

 Terribly enough, my favorite beverage of choice is Pepsi! It’s just so delicious when it is ice cold! I drink Pepsi only on special occasions and it has been a few months since I have had it last. There is just wayyyy too much sugar in it, so I can’t afford to drink it as often as I would like due to the diet that I’m on. I only drink water and coffee and that’s really it at this point.

 Favorite way to exercise?

Haha favorite way? Hmm, with maximum dedication and exertion! I’m the crazy guy at the gym who takes it very seriously. If you don’t take what you are doing seriously, you will not get serious results. I exercise different muscle groups every day to allow myself to adequately work out each muscle group of my body and to allow that part of my body to heal well before I exercise it again. An example would be: Monday – Chest and Triceps, Tuesday – Legs, Wednesday – Back and Biceps, Thursday – Shoulders and Abs, Friday –  Arms and rotator cuff, and Saturday – Cardio and Abs, with each day  containing 30 minutes of cardio after each muscle group has been effectively resistance trained. I will switch up my routine to shock my body so that it doesn’t know what to expect. This method encourages further muscle growth and can be effective when you have reached a “plateau” in your performance after you have been training for a while.  As for my favorite, I honestly enjoy each day as much as the next. I monitor my progress very closely and it makes me happy to see progress and gains in any one of those muscle groups!

Most memorable moment?

 Well, two of my most memorable moments were when I received my letter and license from New York State stating that I passed my board certification exam, thus allowing me to practice as a physical therapist assistant, and secondly, seeing and holding Author Kimberly Knight’s novels in person with me being featured on the cover! It was an amazing feeling to see the reactions of my family and friends and how proud of me they are! However, I would have to say that one of my most memorable moments of all time was falling in love for the first time. That is an experience I will never forget.


 Biggest turn on?

 After experiencing my fair share of crazies, at this point I would have to say that one of the biggest turn ons for me overall is a woman with a good head on her shoulders, intelligent, logical, understanding, nurturing, and who has a great sense of humor. That has been the hardest thing for me to find and it is the biggest thing that I pay attention to. A beautiful and fun personality is what will keep me interested long term. Coinciding with the traits that I mentioned before, another huge turn on for me is when a female is confident with her approach and knows how to seduce a man using her assertiveness, clever sexual innuendos, body language, touch, and alluring mystique. There is nothing more irresistible than that.

 Do you have any piercings? If no, would you ever get any?

 I had both of my ears pierced when I was younger, but it has been about 9 years since I had them in. I’m not a fan of that look anymore. I don’t see any piercings in my future either.

 Any tattoos? If so, how many?

 No tattoos, I’m such a perfectionist that it would truly have to be a perfect situation to get one, otherwise I might die from regret. Ha! A tattoo would have to have deep meaning and a masterful artistic display for me to permanently put it onto my skin. If the perfect situation arose I would not object, however, it has not presented itself to me at this time. I do, however, love sleeve tattoos on women and anything that is creative and integrates well on other various parts of the female body.

 Any public sexual encounters?

 Absolutely! There is nothing like sensual behavior with a chance of getting caught! I love to be adventurous; in fact, my bucket list for this category is very long!

 Favorite sexual position?

 Hmmm… there are sooo many good ones! It depends on how good the woman is in bed. If she isn’t that great, then I will take over and do everything to keep it hot and interesting by switching positions 6- 10 times or so. If my partner is really good, then I like to see her on top facing away from me, either with me lying down on my back, sitting up in a chair, or on the couch with her standing over me, bending down while she gives a nice sexy show with her body, ass, and hip. To me, that type of position displays confidence and there is nothing hotter than a girl that knows exactly what she is doing and is confident about it.

 Boxers, Briefs, Commando?

I always get teased for this topic, haha. The answer is commando; I don’t wear anything, ever. I don’t even own a pair of underwear and haven’t for years. Personally, I find that they are uncomfortable and smash my goods against my body, which ultimately gives me a stomachache. My manhood just doesn’t fit into small confined spaces, so I feel better if I just let it all out—so to speak. Perhaps these other guys who hate on commando, don’t have that problem ;).

Are you single? Girlfriend? Married?

 I’m as single and free as the warm Pacific Ocean breeze carrying the scent of ancient infinity over the coastal land of tropical paradise.

 What’s your favorite part on a woman’s body?

 Very tough question. I appreciate all the wonderful and mysterious features of a woman. I think it is a toss up between two features, one being beautifully enchanting eyes, and the other being a really nice ass. What I look at first just depends on if I catch the girl’s face first or her body when she comes into view. There is nothing like the feeling of getting lost in conversation staring into a gorgeous set of eyes, yet, an amazing ass can tell me what I’m in for if things progress to activities that require no clothes. A nice ass to me would be one that is fit from training. This tells me that the girl might actually be able to handle me if things got a little steamy ;).

 Threesome—yes or no?

 I have never had one, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t have a strong desire to experience a threesome (just like any guy would be lying if he said that he didn’t want to try it). I’m a lot to handle in the bedroom, so sometimes I feel that having two female partners might actually be able to level the playing field a little bit and provide me with a bit of a challenge ;).

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How are you able to maintain your physique?

To keep my body looking like that, it takes an incredible amount of hard work and maximum discipline. I exercise vigorously for 2 hours every single day, except Sunday, and I do 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week after my 1.5 hours of resistance training each day. I’m training for a physique competition that will take place on June 7th, so when I go to the gym I treat it like a professional sport. Every day I train as hard as the last and try to surpass my abilities from the week before. I have a no – nonsense attitude in the gym because I must always be more disciplined and training harder than my competition. When you have to stand on stage in front of a couple thousand people, you don’t want to have any regrets on how you look and how you prepared for the competition. I want to go out on stage knowing that I did my absolute best and that I dug deep and gave it all that I had.

 Also, to achieve a great physique your diet has to be clean and pristine! I eat 7-8 meals per day spaced out 2 hours apart from each other. This ensures that my metabolism is firing at maximum capacity throughout the day. By doing this, your body will not store the food you eat because it doesn’t need to as it has a steady supply. When you only eat a couple of times a day your body recognizes that as starvation and subsequently stores every nutrient that you eat in the event that there is a food shortage. This is a survival mechanism for our bodies that has been present since the dawn of our existence for when food was scarce, so that primitive man didn’t starve to death. Frequent meals will also allow for a constant state of repair for you body by supplying a steady flow of nutrients throughout the day. I don’t eat bread, pasta, dairy, sweets, or any of that stuff. I only eat egg whites, chicken, ground turkey, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, veggies, Ezekiel bread (gluten free), and occasionally red meat (only on my off season training). I alternate combinations of these foods 7 times a day, 7 days a week. This diet combined with vigorous exercise is how you obtain a nice set of abs and a great physique.

How old when you started modeling, and how did you get into it?

I’m new to this industry and just began modeling back in January of 2014, but things seem to be progressing rather rapidly for me!

This is how I got started – I decided that I wanted to have some nice professional pictures taken of me just to have because all of my photos were group pictures and in poor quality. My friend at Gabriella Sophia Photography is a well respected photographer in my area and wanted to shoot me to help me obtain some nice professional shots, as well as promote her page with a new male face. The pictures turned out fantastic and sparked the thought that I might be able to model on the side if I could ever find time with school. I received a ton of compliments on my photos and many people were surprised to hear that I have only ever done one photo shoot until the shoot for Kimberly Knight. School is my main priority being that I’m in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, so I had to push all of my excitement about my potential to model aside to focus on what was really important to me. A couple of months after I did the shoot with Gabriella, I received a message from my ex-girlfriend, Lauren, who does fitness modeling. She had heard about the auditions for Kimberly’s B&S Series, and asked me if I would be interested in applying for the cover model. I agreed and was somewhat doubtful, but she was kind enough to put in a good word for me and submit my information. I never thought that I would ever be chosen to be the one on the covers! That kind of stuff is like the lottery or gambling to me; I stay away from it because I feel that the chance is so slim, why bother and get let down?  I was so preoccupied with school that I let the thought leave my mind so that I could stay focused as I thought to myself “I doubt I will get picked, so why get my hopes up?” One day I received a message from Liz at E. Marie Photography asking if I would be interested in assuming the male character Brandon for an Amazon Bestselling Author. I said “yes”, even more excited, but still doubtful. I had to submit photos of myself, which was hard to do because I only had portrait shots from Gabriella, so I had to take some mirror “selfies” (which I hate doing) to show Kimberly that I maintain a fit and healthy body! To my greatest surprise they chose me! I was in complete disbelief.  I later discovered from Kimberly and Liz that they were having a hard time finding the perfect male model so they had to actively search one out. I feel honored that after all of their auditions and searching that they chose me, rather immediately, in fact. I’m very hard on myself and strive to be the very best in everything that I do, so having that mentality can sometimes make you feel like you are not adequate or good enough because that is the fuel that keeps my fire burning. This was a great reminder for me that hard work pays off, and I have shifted my mentality towards something different now.

 How can fans stay up-to-date on all of your latest news?

Fans can stay up to date mainly though my fan page on Facebook by searching:Dave Santa Lucia – Fitness Model,” or clicking here

 I’m very active with my page and post new and upcoming news, events, and photo shoots as soon as they come into fruition. If I obtain new links to more modeling sites, I will post them through my fan page! If you like my work it would mean a lot to me for you to stop in and like my page!  I work very hard at everything that I do and will continue to do so!

Thanks Dave! And best of luck to you!

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