Cover Reveal for Ellie Hart

June 8, 2014 Cover Reveal, Trailer Reveal 1

Cover Reveal for Ellie Hart

Cover Reveal for Ellie Hart

Ellie HArt

Genres: Fantasy, New Adult
An otherworldly war is raging and the descendants of Merlin must die. Caitlyn “Cat” Beale doesn’t know it yet, but her life is in serious danger. Because Cat’s normal everyday world is about to collide with the treacherous, magical world of Fairies. If only she’d heeded her visions… After her family is killed in a tragic accident, Cat’s psychic abilities begin to slowly emerge. But she never would’ve guessed the truth…that a vengeful fairy wants to destroy everything she holds dear. Now Cat must discover why she’s a target and a way to stop the killings. With the help of her friends and her enigmatic, best friend Joseph, Cat sets out to learn more about her dark heritage, which includes daring wizards, vengeful fairy queens, and horrible curses. Together they’ll enter a dark world of deception and peril...but not everyone will come out alive.
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A Quick Interview with Ellie Hart:

Your real name and pen name. Ariel H Stagg: Penn Name Ellie Hart

Tell us about your education were you always a writer? No. I went to school for CNA and theatre arts and communications. I wanted to be an actress but in many eyes I wasn’t actress material, so fait had another course for me. I landed a job at Southeastern Surgical Associates and ended up with dealing with insurance companies.

What is your favorite genre and why? I don’t really have one. If I enjoy the story or book, I’m hooked.

When did you start writing? When I was young I used to create poems and short stories of love and adventure—my writing came to life when my son was diagnosed with Autism. I wrote social stories and poems to help him communicate whether it was in church or at school, while doing so, I had ideas pop into my head about folk lore legends—mostly when I was working with him at Sunday school.

What is the purpose of your writing? Simple, to tell my story which has the power of friendship, family and most importantly love.
Which of your works have been published so far? The Descendant—A Caitlyn Beale Memoir. Also, short stories and poems that are on my FB page and blog.

What top four things do you consider while writing a book? Bonding with my characters, they may have supernatural powers, but they are normal teens or adults. The adults do make mistakes and the teens do have curfews. There has to be a need for an adventure with supernatural experiences. I do start writing about a normal day to day life and my imagination goes wild. I keep telling myself, we need an immortal or a wolf in this part. PLOT and a TWIST (my opinion, a book can never be cut and dry.) Easy to read and Grabs the reader to the point that they don’t want to put the book down—it’s like they’re part of the story.

What did you like best about these countries around the globe? I’m fascinated by other countries folk lore stories. Also, their culture.

Your favorite time of day. Midmorning, early afternoon, I’m awake enough to focus on day to day


Your favorite color and why? Ocean blue, it’s silly but it gives sweet serenity.

Your favorite book and why? I have a few. My all-time favorite book is Emma, from Jane Austin. I love the fact that it’s about two good friends who fell in love with each other.

Your favorite celebrity and why? Audrey Hepburn, the woman had true beauty inside and out

Some quickies:

Sun or Moon: Depends on the day.

Laughter or Smile: Laughter

Morning or Evening: Morning before the children wake up.

Coffee or Tea: Coffee!!!

Mountain or Sea: Both

Silence or Conversation. Silence

The last line of your autobiography would be… She lived happily ever after

To watch the trailer for this book, click here.

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About Ellie HArt

Who am I? I’m a working mom who has a busy life with two energetic children.

Creating stories had always been a comfort for me. Especially, in my geeky ‘teenage’ years. Many teenage girls loved make up, fashion and boys; I on the other hand, went for adventures out in my backyard and developed a fantasy world in my mind—where the princess saved the knight and they had their first unforgettable kiss.

Years, later, and still a little geeky— life has become an amazing adventure. My passion for writing not only is still my coping mechanism, but it has come to life when my son was diagnosed with Autism.

Since I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, here are the books that inspired me.

Twilight (love the first book of the series, shows the love and romance of Edward and Bella)

Night World Series (all about soul mates), Harry Potter (creation of a world full of witches and wizards-love it!)

And last but not least Emma (two best friends who were meant for each other).

As for movies- my all time favorite movies are…

Steel Magnolia (full of tears and laughter)

Raiders of the Lost Ark (Indiana Jones-what’s not to love),

and Valentines Day (Finding romance and love in one day).

My first Novel The Descendant brought part of my past to a whole new experience. I’m currently working on my second novel, The Call of the Siren and working as a co-author for The Chronicle of Trinity…


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