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JA Huss

Series: Social Media #2

Published on September 10th 2014

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Romance
Vaughn Asher. I’ve stalked him relentlessly. I shaped and formed my lust into the perfect dirty hashtag…day after day… weekend after weekend. He was my prince. My fairy tale. My fantasy.
I gave him the best years of my online life and what did he do for me?
Ruined my social media experience one tweet at a time. That’s what.
#Fantastic #BackToNatureFucking
#MissingSomething #You
And now #TheDickWhoIsVaughnAsher thinks he can weasel his way back into this filthy blue bird’s Twitter account? He’s wrong.
His public fantasy is about to collide… ah, fuck it. He’s hot as hell, bitches. I need more than a free sample. This time I want it all and I’ll do whatever it takes to get it.
New Adult Addiction New Adult Addiction
New Adult Addiction New Adult Addiction

First things first!  I have WINNERS to announce!

Each of these Social Media book releases will have their own Rafflecopter and the winner for the FOLLOW RC is Brenda Howe. You have been emailed and your prize is a $50 Gift Card, a Signed Copy of Follow, and a Swag Set.
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Which leads me into the other giveaways I’m going to run this week. Of course, there will be a Friday Night Freebie and this one is pretty popular, because you get to choose any THREE eBooks you want from the list of about 100 authors at Penned Con. (I’m hitting Penned Con this weekend with my street team and I’m gonna send them around to pick up a shitload of paperbacks.) People like the paperbacks, but they get what they get. It’s nice to choose your own book.

*****WINNERS of last week’s Friday Night Freebie – first of all the books were a surprise, so I’m sure you’re curious what they were!

Surprise Book One was Watch Over Me by Tara Sivec – Winner –> Jessica Frider (Jessica wins more contests than anyone I know. She’s also on my street team, so yay!  Congrats, bitch! <3 )
Surprise Book Two was Rock the Heart by Michelle Valentine – Winner –> Kristen Kocher (I recognize your beautiful face from Facebook, so double yay, you are a fan! )


So me and a few members of my team are going to St. Louis to party and sell books, but God forbid I leave my fucking Facebook page with no posts for four days, they might cut my interaction numbers to zero if I do that. So I’m gonna run FOUR pretty awesome giveaways while I’m gone starting on Thursday the 11th. (Which by the way, makes me sad. I hate 9-11 so bad.) But I’m gonna try and make people happy with a giveaways.
So here’s the prizes up for grabs:
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SATURDAY – Choice of a Social Media t-shirt, mug, tote bag, or super swag pack. (Pick two). Plus a $15 gift card. Plus a signed copy of LIKE. Plus an ARC of BLOCK.
SUNDAY – Choice of a Social Media t-shirt, mug, tote bag, or super swag pack. (Pick two). Plus a $15 gift card. Plus a signed copy of LIKE. Plus an ARC of BLOCK. Plus a character named after you in a future book.
All of these contests will run on my Facebook Author Page starting tomorrow.


“Calling me at work, tsk tsk tsk,” I say playfully.
“Asher,” she seethes and I actually sit back in my chair at her tone. “Who the fuck do you think you are going into my private accounts? Just who the fuck?”
“Whoa, Grace, not the thank you I was expecting.”
“Thank you? Are you crazy? I’m writing you a check and giving all that money back. How dare you! I will not be bought. I will not have you giving me money with the presumption that I owe you something, understand? I will write you—”
The waitress discreetly slips the bill back on the table and I hold my hand over the phone and mouth Thank you, bring the car, at her.
“—and you will stop with this. Do you understand?”
“Grace, listen carefully, because you’re missing out on the experience of what just happened to you. OK?”
“How dare you discount my feelings on this—”
“Listen,” I growl at her. “You had your say, now I will have mine.” She huffs out some air and I can almost imagine the eye roll she’s giving me in Denver and that just makes her all the more desirable. But she needs a firm hand right now, because she’s being emotional and reactionary. “It’s a gift. I’d like to help you out. In your pursuits or dreams. Whatever. Use that money any way you want. There are no expectations tied to it at all. If you write me a check I won’t cash it, so don’t waste the time and effort it will take for all your self-righteous indignation. It’s pointless.”
“I don’t want your gift. And I’ve changed my mind. I’m not tweeting with you tonight.”
“You are.”
“I’m not. And who the hell puts five thousand dollars on a Starbucks card? It’s ridiculous!”
“What’s ridiculous about it? It’s a payment card, now you have money to pay.”
“It’s five years’ worth of coffee, Vaughn. Starbucks could go bankrupt in five years. The world could end in five years. You have no idea what will happen in five years. So it’s a waste of money.”
“You’re right, anything can happen in five years. But…” I hesitate, take a deep breath, and then say it. “But every day for the next five years you will walk into Starbucks knowing I’m still caring for you. Every day for the next five years you will think of me at least once. So it’s not a waste of money, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. For both of us. Because once a day I will know for certain that you are thinking of me. And once a day you will know for certain that I’m thinking of you. How is any of that ridiculous?”
Total silence on the other end of the line.
“I don’t even know what to think about that.”
I shake my head in confusion as well. “What’s to think about? I don’t get it.”
“It’s too much. And the money, Vaughn, please. It’s sending me all kinds of mixed messages. I don’t understand what’s happening. All of this is just too much!”
“Too much how? Your constant objections to everything I say and do are sending me mixed messages. Jesus, do you even like me? From the way you react to everything I do, I’m going to have to say no. The money is not complicated, Grace. You must worry about bills, you don’t make very much. So why is it too much to take that worry away?”
“You’re trying to buy me.”
“Buy you for what? That doesn’t even make sense.”
“It does to a poor person.” And then she hangs up.


New Adult Addiction New Adult Addiction
New Adult Addiction New Adult Addiction

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JA Huss is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty romances. She likes stories about family, loyalty, and extraordinary characters who struggle with basic human emotions while dealing with bigger than life problems. JA loves writing heroes who make you swoon, heroines who makes you jealous, and the perfect Happily Ever After ending.

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