$20 GIVEAWAY and EXCERPT: Inhale Exhale by Sarah M Ross

December 16, 2014 Excerpt, Giveaways, Teaser 57

$20 GIVEAWAY and EXCERPT: Inhale Exhale by Sarah M Ross

$20 GIVEAWAY and EXCERPT: Inhale Exhale by Sarah M Ross

Inhale Exhale

Sarah M Ross

Published on May 4th 2014

Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Jillian had a plan: celebrate the end of her first year of college with an amazing summer full of beaches, barbeques, and bonfires. When her mom insists she needs a summer job, and her boyfriend spends more time with his band than with her, Jillian’s plans go down the drain.
Grant had a plan: finish his Masters, get a great job at Google, and get the hell out of Georgia. He might be giving up some of the fun of his youth, but he knows his all work and no play method would be worth it when his dreams came true.
But things never go according to plan.
When temptation brings them together and tragedy tears them apart, Jillian and Grant will be forced to choose: fight for their dreams, or fight for each other.

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The spotlight book for today is INHALE EXHALE BY SARAH M ROSS!

The laughter, clinking of glasses, and music from the juke box faded away. I could only hear the whooshing of my own heartbeat. I swallowed hard. Grant’s eyes lowered to watch the movement of my neck, and I imagined what it would be like for him to kiss me there like in my dream. To trace the line from my jaw with his finger or tongue down to my clavicle, dipping into that tiny hollow.
I forgot to breathe.
My leg grazed his, with just the tiniest amount of friction. I didn’t take my eyes off him, and I could see his own widen almost imperceptibly. His hand slipped under the table next to mine, hovering. He never touched me. I could feel the heat from his hand like a furnace. He was waiting for permission, a sign that I wanted and accepted his touch. My hands stayed glued to the seat beside me, but I lifted up onto the balls of my feet, causing my knee to bump into his awaiting hand.
It took but seconds for his large, strong hand to clasp the top of my leg, the pad of his thumb brushing along the soft skin inside my thigh. I looked around the table, but everyone was deep in their own conversations, and no one was paying us any attention.
Neither his hand nor my leg moved for a long time. Just the tiny swipes of his thumb, causing my breath to hitch. We didn’t look at each other as to not draw attention. He chatted casually with people at the table, while I was drawn tighter than a bow.
Finally, after an excruciatingly long time, he began to move his fingers. He ran his thumb in tiny circles on the inside of my thigh as his fingers brushed behind my knee, making a painstakingly slow ascent upward. One millimeter at a time.
Time stood still and the room around me blurred. He was still an inch or two below the hem of my shorts, but I felt like he was touching me at my core. Goosebumps rose along my skin, and I shivered.
Grant must have taken that as a good sign, because he began to very slowly—agonizingly slowly—inch his fingers further up my thigh. My muscles tightened in anticipation, knowing this was wrong but wanting nothing but his touch. He made his way to the hem of my tiny shorts, sliding his fingers back and forth against it. Inside my thigh. Outside my thigh. Inside. Outside. In. Out.
My vision blurred, and my eyes slid shut with pleasure. I bit my bottom lip to contain the groan that threatened to escape my lips.



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About Sarah M Ross


Sarah started her obsession with reading at an early age, often sneaking BabySitter Club and Nancy Drew books into math class. She would read any book she could get her hands on. Her love of reading quickly evolved into a love of writing and stories began to pour out of her.

She grew up in Pittsburgh, graduated from The University of Pittsburgh with a degree in English, and taught 8th graders to love reading as much as she does for several years. Sarah will always be a proud member of the Steelers’ Nation, but couldn’t take the cold and moved her frozen tush to Florida where she now lives with her family and two cats. You will find her now with her trusty Kindle in hand and toes in the sand!

Sarah’s debut novel, AWAKEN, released in January, 2012. Other novels include AVENGE, ATONE, ECHO OF AN EARTH ANGEL, and INHALE EXHALE.


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  1. Sandy S

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity…I like both –dual points of view let’s the reader see both side of the story.

  2. Teja

    Dual point of view, I don’t like reading just one person’s point of view, it’s to weird for me.

  3. Cindy Mucha Barton

    The more I read of a dual point novel, the more I like it. I like being in everyone’s head and knowing what they are thinking.

  4. Sheila Howell

    I like dual. It give you what the point of view of the main characters and what they are thinking

  5. TL Mayhew

    Dual POV for me too! I love to read what the guy is thinking as well. :) Although there are some good books that are single pov so I guess I can go either way. :)

  6. Renee

    I love dual point of views and its a real treat when it’s the male POV all through the book But I’m use yo and don’t mind female pov

  7. Trisha Hudson (@TrishaHudson)

    I love dual but as long as the book is well written single is just fine too.

  8. Rachelle

    Dual is my favorite, as long as the guys pov sounds like a guy.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

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