Our weekend is BOOKED…Nic’s pick for a great weekend read!

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Our weekend is BOOKED…Nic’s pick for a great weekend read!

Hate F*@k Part 3

Ainsley Booth

Genres: Adult, Erotic Romance

third and final part in the sexy erotic romance Hate F*@k serial!

In the blink of an eye, everything changed, and I can’t pretend I don’t need Cole anymore.
He’s my heart and soul, but he’s not always there when I need him, and I’m scared.

Keeping Hailey at arms’ length used to be an annoying challenge. Now it’s a matter of life and death.
I want vengeance. And then I want Hailey to be mine, forever.

The final episode in the love story of an ex-Navy SEAL and the curvy good girl he can't resist!
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TGIF… one thing we love here at NAA is reading over the weekend. Nothing  is better than being able to relax and one way to do that is with a great book and a glass of wine or even a bottle of wine!

This weekend I will be relaxing with my favorite ladies in Vegas and hoping no one gets lost or arrested. It should be a great time.

Nic’s pick this weekend is Hate F*@k: Part Three (The Horus Group Book 3)

by Ainsley Booth.

I love this series and adore Hailey and Cold and was excited to read more about the Horus Group.
The cliffhanger in part one and part two were some of the best I have read this year, but I feel like Part three was rushed but still a great read.
All the drama was handled so quickly. A huge in your face revelation about Amelia and her father was opened up and a lot of things happen that are huge but get dealt with so quickly. I needed the major ooooh and aahhh parts to last longer cause I love all the crazy drama going on in this story. This is the final book for Hailey and Cole.
I love her writing and will be patiently waiting for the rest of the books about The Horus Group.

Have a great weekend,


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  1. Anett Simonsen

    Good thing that I was not the only one…. I was just like HUH, the book was fine but my expectations were higher

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