$10 GIVEAWAY: Spencer and Veronica’s HEA Update

June 17, 2015 Giveaways 53

$10 GIVEAWAY: Spencer and Veronica’s HEA Update

$10 GIVEAWAY: Spencer and Veronica’s HEA Update

Bomb and Guns

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, New Adult, Romance
ALL THIS WEEK I'm celebrating the characters in all my past books. Almost all of them make an appearance in my upcoming book, Wasted Lust (A 321 Spin-off) which releases next week. So I thought it would be a good time to check in and see how that Happily Ever After is going.
Each day I'll have a new Soulmates Couple and give a little glimpse into their lives -- and get you ready for the special HEA Rook and Ronin BOOK that will release just before Christmas this year.
If you have not read the Rook & Ronin series yet, why not start now? The Omnibus Edition (All three books in one) is now on sale for $4.99. All together, these books have hundreds of FIVE STAR reviews on Amazon. Click the links to check them out.
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WASTED LUST a story about Sasha Cherlin who appears in Slack, Come Back, Coming For You, 321 (unnamed at the very end), and Meet Me In The Dark. It CAN be read as a standalone, but readers should be aware that this book is meant to be “The End” for Sasha and her life in the Company. Wasted Lust occurs ten years after Coming For You, two years after Meet Me In The Dark and AT THE SAME TIME as 321, so it is a parallel book, and although there are no real spoilers for 321 (I was very careful to avoid them) the plots converge in the middle of Wasted Lust. I would consider this to be a traditional romantic suspense and it is not dark.

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Spencer was never what he appeared when he was a side character in the Rook & Ronin series, but when readers got to his first novella, BOMB: A Day in the Life of Spencer Shrike, they learned he was keeping a secret. And that was out, those secrets just came coming. Spencer is the guns of the Team. The man with a plan who sorts it all out and keep things in control. Except… he made a mistake. And that mistakes comes back to haunt everything he holds dear in the final book of this series, Guns.

Veronica gets introduced pretty early in the series – book two – Manic. She’s just a girl Spencer used to date who got the boot, just like all the other girls Spencer used to date who got the boot.
But she was more than that. She was Spencer body painting model before he hired Rook to replace her. Ron the Bomb was an enigma all her own, but she knew one thing. She wanted Spencer Shrike and she was gonna get him, come hell or high water.
She does get what she wants, but not the way she thought.
Veronica is one tough bitch. She was raised the only girl in a family of four boys. And all her male family members are tattoo artists and bikers. Vic, her monster of an older brother who wants to beat the shit out of Spencer every time he lays eyes on him. The twins, Vinn and Vonn, and her little brother Vann also play a huge role in her upbringing, as anyone with brothers knows, you learn fast to take care of yourself at home.
So she’s a fighter. But she’s a girly kinda fighter. Veronica loves fashion, high heels, lipstick and big hair. She likes sexy. She longs for love in the arms of Spencer. She wants to be his wife.
She gets her wish, and then some. Because Veronica started popping out princesses before they even got married, and she never stopped. Now with a family of five little ones and her career as a tattoo artist behind her, Veronica settled into the joys of being a mommy.
Four princesses and one prince, from Rory age nine to the new toddling baby boy, have given Veronica a new sense of purpose. Home is where her heart is. And home is Spencer Shrike’s mountain farm in Bellvue, Colorado. She’s dreamed of living out here with him since the first day she saw the place. And after some remodeling, it’s her perfect home to raise her growing family.  See more of Spencer and Veronica’s dream house here.
3688ed77ab6de95c40db9d860ff95d5bSpencer has all those little princesses square in the apple of his eye, but the new baby boy has changed things around his house. He’s been subjected to painting pink castles on bedrooms and unicorns on the floors for years and finally, finally – he has his little biker dude to man the house up.
Or, at least hang with him in the barn where Ronnie makes him keep all the dirty motorcycle shit.7bd2d388142946b76e9be9e50e41481b
He’s OK with that though. His man cave is filled with all his favorite things and he’s still king of reality show bikers. He has almost a hundred and fifty employees, fifteen showrooms across the US, one in Russia, and one in London. He’s got more biker money than he could imagine.
So life is good on the Shrike farm. There’s just one nagging thorn in his side.
Five Aston.
Five think he loves Princess Number One, and Spencer is pretty damn sure his daughter is not in Five Aston’s future.
But we shall see. Any son of Ford’s will not give up so easily.
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If you have not yet read Bomb and Guns, both books featuring this hot and dynamic couple, then why not pick them up now? The omnibus of both books is on sale for $4.99 this week and these two books have HUNDREDS of five star reviews already.
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Wasted Lust is not part of this series, but it revisits Rook, Veronica, and Ashleigh when Sasha goes home for Sparrow Flynn’s 8th birthday party.
sparrow party cover
You can see more pics of Ford and Ash’s life on Pinterest here. And I am throwing Sparrow Flynn a SUPER BIKER PRINCESS BIRTHDAY PARTY on Facebook, Sunday June 28th. Join the event here. There will be a TON of awesome prizes from me and my friends.


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53 Responses to “$10 GIVEAWAY: Spencer and Veronica’s HEA Update”

  1. Kristy Petree

    I think Spencer will go ballistic, then eventually accept it (if that’s what his princess wants). Thanks!

  2. Melissa Jones

    I’m sure he will lay down the law to Five because every dad wants to look out for the little princess.

  3. Staci Pope

    He will try to discourage it as much as possible, but how do you stop a FORD force? Not happening.

  4. Jane Parker

    The problem is, that as with most kids, the more you tell them not to do something the more they will rebel and want to do it anyway. They will have to play it cool and see how it progresses.

  5. Scarlett

    I think spencer will be the overprotective father of princess number one (his first born) but I’m sure something major will happen eventually that will make Five worthy of her heart… And spencer will give his blessing in the end, after all he just wants his daughter to be happy

  6. Rhiannon

    I think that Spencer will show Five his gun collection…though I hope it doesn’t scare Five off. I’m really hoping for a Five and Rory book in the future.

  7. Fabi

    I think they’ll think it’s cute and start a mini team for them hehe. At least in my dreams that’s what happened

  8. Michelle Tan

    He will be overprotective dad but trust FIVE to look out for his baby girl.

  9. Trisha Hudson (@TrishaHudson)

    I think at this age Spencer will scare Five away but if they were much older I think he would encourage the relationship.

  10. Ashley Graham

    I think he’s going to be very overprotective but hopefully eventually trust Five. I just hope he doesn’t scare Five off.

  11. Jennifer O'Connell

    I think Spencer will keep that on lock down, no dating for his baby girls!

  12. Kristi

    This just made my day…my week… my year. I love Spencer and this gives me all the feels!

  13. Alana Daniels

    Probably try and intimidate him…Cant exactly kill 5 now can he ….

  14. Sheila Howell

    I think Spencer will scare the shit out of him. But I think Princess Rory can hold her on. Because let faces it when you got the Bomb as your mom, no boy is going to be the boss of her

  15. KellyMae Helfrich

    I think he will be the typical father of a daughter and be overly protective, but in the long run he will be okay with it.

  16. Heather E

    I love Five’s crush on Princess Number One. I would love to see that book.

  17. Jennifer Lessard

    I think he will go “caveman” on him and promise to break the bones in his body one by one if he hurts his Princess!

  18. Amy Pollard Woolard

    I am ashamed to say that I have not had the chance to read this series yet. I loved Rook & Ronin & I cannot wait to read this series as I know it will be fabulous!!

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