$100 GIVEAWAY – Happily Ever After by JA Huss

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$100 GIVEAWAY – Happily Ever After by JA Huss

$100 GIVEAWAY – Happily Ever After by JA Huss

Happily Ever After: A Day in the Life of the HEA

JA Huss

Published on 12-16-15

Genres: Contemporary, Romance
"A little Christmas present for the #fans. No mystery, no killing, no twists, no guns. But I promise--you will smile the entire time." ~ JA Huss
**The Rook & Ronin Omnibus 3-Book Bundle is on sale for 99c right now!**
Life in Rook & Ronin's world has been bliss for fifteen years. Rook, Veronica, and Ashleigh are still BFF's raising their kids together. Ronin, Spencer, and Ford have managed to go legit and stay out of trouble. And they have a pack of kids running around the eight thousand square foot Vail mansion they all share for the holidays--begging for gifts, and fun, and love.
But every HEA has problems.
Five is fifteen and getting ready to go off to college. He's put it off as long as he could in order to stay close to Princess Shrike, but his stay of execution is over and in three weeks he's off to Oxford. But Five can't leave until he gets the only thing he's ever wanted. The heart of his Princess.
Ford and Ashleigh never had any more children after Five. And now that Kate is sixteen, Ashleigh is out of her head with desire for just one more chance to have a baby in the house.
Rook and Ronin have two beautiful daughters, but Sparrow is growing up too. And she just got a job offer that has Ronin crazed with paternal worry.
And Spencer is the father of a fifteen-year-old princess who looks way too much like her Bombshell mother for his comfort level.
Join the whole Rook & Ronin gang for a Team Christmas you will never forget.
There are SEVEN BOOKS in the Rook & Ronin series before this one. This is not a standalone. Rook & Ronin Series & Spinoffs
(1) Tragic - Rook & Ronin
(2) Manic - Rook & Ronin
(3) Panic - Rook & Ronin
(4) Slack - Ford & Ashleigh
(5) Taut - Ford & Ashleigh
(6) Bomb - Spencer & Veronica
(7) Guns - Spencer & Veronica

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I ease out of the room quietly and take the baby downstairs. The house is big and the kitchen is far, but I can hear the bustle of kids and dogs before I even make it downstairs. When I walk in, it’s a madhouse.
I love this fucking madhouse. My girls are all laughing and talking a mile a minute. Belle is stuffing her face with pancakes, Jasmine and Ariel are clinking their OJ glasses together like they are having a secret toast, and Rory is…
I squint my eyes at Rory. She’s talking to Five, but that’s not what makes me squint my eyes. She’s wearing a Shrike Trikes t-shirt and sweat pants, but it’s the way… it’s the shape of her…
“Daddy,” Rory squeals, getting up from her stool at the breakfast bar and coming towards me. “Five wants to know—”
“Absolutely not.”
She stops short. “What?” Her smile falters.
Cindy smacks her little fist into my eyeball, and I have to take a deep breath. “I’m sorry, what were you going to ask?” I eye Five suspiciously. I know he’s always liked her, but he’s so weird. Like Ford, just weird. Always wearing those suits. Always on that computer. And he’s been in and out of different college programs since he was ten or eleven. He’s gone a lot and that’s the way I like it.
But today he looks… different. Different in the same way that Rory looks different in her innocent nightclothes. He almost looks normal in his flannel pajama pants and Shrike t-shirt. Add in the fact that his normally perfectly coiffed hair is messed up a little like he just rolled out of bed, and I get flushed with anger.
In fact, Rory’s long blonde hair is all messed up too. Flowing over her shoulders like an unruly waterfall. And Five is looking at her the way I look at the Bomb.
“But Daddy,” Rory pleads. “I need to go shopping.”
“Shopping?” I ask, ratcheting down my suspicions and getting a hold of my paranoia as the seconds tick off.
“Yeah, we don’t want to ski today. We want to go shopping in the Village.”
Shopping. I mull it over in my head. Lots of people there. Crowds of people, actually. Not private, in other words. “Maybe,” I say. “But I’m pretty sure Ford is counting on you to help him, Five.”
“Mr. Shrike,” Five starts. “I’ve already cleared it with my father. Kate’s helping him today. Right, Kate?” He looks over at his sister and there’s… there’s some kind of secret look going on between the two of them.
“Yup,” Kate says. She is as normal as Five is strange. And she’s been Ford’s little sidekick since day one. But she’s smarter than people give her credit for. I think she secretly likes it that way. Like being underestimated is the best gift she ever got out of being Ford’s adopted daughter. “Ford and I are skiing a double black once the kids are finished.”
“Well,” I say, eyeing my brood. Rory needs a chaperone. Belle, Jas and Ariel won’t go shopping. They love Ford too much to skip out on a whole day with him on the slopes. And there’s no chance in hell that Rook and Ronin will have time to shop today. Sparrow has ballet rehearsal before The Nutcracker tonight. “Oliver,” I say, smiling. “Ollie, my boy. You don’t want to ski today, do you? You hate skiing.” He does too, he can’t ski worth a shit. “Will you go with Rory and finds something extra-special pretty for Mommy today? She’s tired and needs a pick-me-up present before Santa comes.”
“Yay!” Oliver says. “Yes, yes, yes! I want to go shopping with Five. He’s the best, Daddy.”
I roll my eyes. “OK, good. You can go, Princess, but…” I look at Five. “But…”
“But what, Daddy?” Rory asks.
But what am I going to say to Five? You touch my girl, I’ll break your fingers? I’ll grab that shotgun I’m hiding under my bed and—“Just be home in time for dinner. Your mom is making something special tonight.”

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About JA Huss

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JA Huss is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty romances. She likes stories about family, loyalty, and extraordinary characters who struggle with basic human emotions while dealing with bigger than life problems. JA loves writing heroes who make you swoon, heroines who makes you jealous, and the perfect Happily Ever After ending.

You can chat with her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/AuthorJAHuss), Twitter (@jahuss), and her kick-ass romance blog, New Adult Addiction (www.newadultaddiction.com).

If you’re interested in getting your hands on an advanced release copy of her upcoming books, sneak peek teasers, or information on her upcoming personal appearances, you can join her newsletter list (http://eepurl.com/JVhAr) and get those details delivered right to your inbox.


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  1. Jaime Long

    I don’t have a favorite yet! Just one-clicked the box set. Looking forward to reading these books after reading all the reviews!

  2. Sammie Lynn

    Its really difficult for me to choose between Ford and Spencer. But I think I would go Ford!

  3. Laura Crockett

    Guys I finished this last night and it was AMAZING! Big smile on my face the whole time.

  4. Kym Young

    That’s such a hard question to answer but if I had to pick it would be a toss up between Ford and Ronin ?

  5. Emely Bareng Alayo

    FORD, I guess, I don’t know, I’m just totally drawn. That’s based from the Rook & Ronin Trilogy. Haven’t got the chance to read Ford’s and Spencer’s book and this HEA which I would really love to bdw ?

  6. Michelle Monroe

    I. Still reading the series so haven’t met all the characters to have a favorite yet. ? So, can I choose all of them for now? Lol!!

  7. Sheri Cordell

    Without a doubt, Spencer Shrike!! Thank you for the great giveaway & creating the memorable world of the Rook & Ronin Series.

  8. Amy SP

    I haven’t read them yet. I just recently heard of it. I will be starting though. I promise that! =)

  9. Lorena Garcia

    Shame on me, I haven’t started reading this series yet but plan to change that this coming year ?

  10. Kristy Petree

    Spencer is my favorite (which is so bad, because I haven’t read the “Spencer books” yet, *gasp*). Thanks!

  11. Brandy Lucero

    I have the 7 book box set, but I have yet to read the series that I would love to read. AWESOME giveaway. Thank you for the chance.

  12. Linda Romer

    I haven’t started the series yet. I’m looking forward to reading this series! Thank you

  13. Linda

    I´ve got the box, but havn´t started reading yet. No favorite, atm, every yummy word is ahead of me and my reading <3
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Wednesday!

  14. Bethany Elaine Macielag

    I have purchased the box set and HEA, but I have not been able to read enough yet to choose a favorite character.
    I cannot wait to read more once the holiday madness is over… I am relaxing and catching up on all my reading:)
    Thank you so much for the chance

  15. Sharon Chalk

    I had a lot of people I could list but being no one put Ronin first,I am going to put Ronin so she will be first somewhere lol though of course I liked Rook and Ford and Spencer also lol

  16. Christina B

    Don’t have a favourite yet.. really need to catch up on your books. Can’t wait to read them all!

  17. kim thorne

    in regards to the amazon gift cards can the winner choose the amazon gift card for amazon.ca?

  18. Sheila Lake

    I still have a few more to read, but I’m going with Ronin, and reserve the right to change my answer as I continue reading.

  19. Angela Fitzgerald

    I had to use another email to leave a comment so I’ll put my email to contact me under my name in this comment.
    Unfortunately, I have only read 18 by J.A. Hiss but since she has a 3 book bundle on sale for $.99 cents and I have some pro money at Amazon then I’m going to go get this 3 book bundle now.
    Her books all sound amazing and 18 was so I know I’ll

  20. Angela Fitzgerald

    I had to use another email to leave a comment so I’ll put my email to contact me under my name in this comment.
    Unfortunately, I have only read 18 by J.A. Hiss but since she has a 3 book bundle on sale for $.99 cents and I have some pro money at Amazon then I’m going to go get this 3 book bundle now.
    Her books all sound amazing and 18 was so I know I’ll love these books to. Thank you for another chance to win. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and good luck to everyone.

  21. Rhonda Nash

    Sorry I haven’t read them yet. I need to find out what order to read these. i do have most of them

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    have not read yet so i don’t have a favorite! ;looking forward to reading! Thank you for the giveaway!

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    I am sorry to say that I haven’t had the chance to read your books.Money is kinda tight.

  26. Judy Schechter

    I haven’t read these yet so I can’t pick a favorite. Thank you for the chance and have a wonderful Christmas!

  27. Natalie Brown

    I’m sorry to say that I haven’t read these stories yet but they’re on my list for 201 for sure. :)

  28. Lulu Dumonceaux

    Of course I love Rook & Ronin they are perfect. Ford is too, but I’m in love with Spencer because he is so funny and he is the best in this book!!!

  29. Roz May Balidio

    I don’t have a fave YET. I haven’t read the series that’s why I’m so eager to win this giveaway. Thank you and happy holidays!

  30. Blackrose

    I own 1 book in this series and have yet to read it, so I don’t want to commit to a preference from this excerpt and the blurb on the books.

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