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I love to read! I love the independent reading community. I love interacting with fellow readers about favorite books and authors. (I mean how cool is it to fan-girl over your favorite authors who respond and laugh along with you?) I LOVE getting to know authors, so when Julie was looking for someone to help review, I thought I’d give it a chance. And while I’m still learning the ins and outs of the blogging community, I’m also branching out and reading and meeting new readers and authors, who aren’t just amazing people, but who are becoming great friends.

When I’m not reading, writing reviews, or plotting shenanigans with my Facebook BFFs, I’m a working mother of two amazing boys, and a fantastic husband, who is cover model material these days.

Feel free to contact me here, look for me in Shrike Bikes, the Official Fan Club for JA Huss on Facebook, and make sure to stop by New Adult Addiction on Facebook, and LIKE US, because I love Leah and Amber hard core. (And Julie stops in there when she has time too, it’s always a good time.)



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  1. Sandra Castagnola

    I’m addicted to JA Huss books, Already thinking of reading 321 again-I need to know as soon as new books publish- F—- Ford next? 321 just blew my mind. Never thought I would be comfortable with the relationship these characters had, but you could feel the love through the pain. The ending-well how perfect.

  2. TL Travis

    I am TL Travis, author of The Sebastian Chronicles. An erotic paranormal romance 5 book (novelette) series. I would like to request a review of my first 3 books and have ARC copies available for each.

    Here are the release dates for the entire series:

    Sebastian, the beginning (MF) – Now .99
    My servant, my lover (MF, MM)
    Wealthy ménage (MFM, MM) – 10/22/16
    Prohibition inhibitions (MFM, MM) – 11/26/16
    The Tryst (MF) – 1/20/17

    If you are interested in reviewing, please let me know and I will email the ARC’s.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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